This week starts with the crowning of Tommen Lannister as King. Margaery is caught casting smiling glances at Tommen by Cersei. Cersei talks with her, noticing Margaery wears her vigil for Joffrey. Margaery says, “He was my Husband, my King.” and in turn Cersei responds, “He would have been your nightmare.” Denouncing Joffreys actions in life, and speaking highly of Tommen, who she says may be the first man to sit on the Iron Throne that may actually deserve it. She asks Margaery is she still wants to be Queen, she acts as if the idea hadn’t crossed her mind. Margaery in jest says that they may be graced with an alarming amount of weddings soon, that she won’t know what to call Cersei, Sister or Mother. Cersei is obviously not amused.

Daenerys’ council reports to her that Joffrey was killed at his own wedding, and that they have taken the Meereenese Navy. She asks Daario Naharis who told him to do it, he says no one, he heard that she likes ships. She hides her amusement. Jorah Mormont warns that the added ships may not be enough to take Westeros, Barristan Selmy counters that the other families would flock to their Queen once she arrived. Mormont tells her that there is other news, the Masters of Yunkai have taken back their city since the unsullied are no longer there to enforce her rule, and have sworn to take revenge. In Astapor, since their leaving, a butcher named Cleon has overthrown the council she had put in place, Declaring himself the Imperial Majesty. Daenerys asks all but Jorah to leave so that she can speak to him privately. He says that she could sail to Westeros and leave it all behind, but she says that he had counseled her against rashness before. She questions why anyone would trust her, to follow her if she can’t even conquer Slaver’s Bay? Jorah says because she is the Mother of Dragons. Daenerys says that she needs to be more than that. She says that she will not let those that she has freed slide back into chains, she will not leave for Westeros. She will stay and do what Queens do, she will rule.

Sansa and Little Finger travel through the Bloody Gate on the way to The Eyrie. He warns her that she need cover her hair, the color would be recognized and they could be captured. They are let pass and arrive to meet Sansa’s Aunt and Cousin. Lyssa Aeryn greets Sansa, and warns her that no one must know she’s there. She is introduced to her young Cousin Robin, who is warned that he must never use her name in front of anyone but Little Finger and herself. She is taken by Robin to her chambers, leaving Lyssa with Peter (LF). Lyssa presses for them to marry that night, but he tries to put her off. She reminds him that no other would do what she has done for him, poisoning her own Husband for him with drops that he gave her. She goes on with other dark deeds he had her do, but is cut off with a kiss. He says, “Tonight it is then.”

Tywin agrees with Cersei that Tommen and Margaery will wed, and that she and Sir Loras will wed a fortnight after. Tywin says that the Tyrells are the only true rivals for resources, and that they need them on their side. The Crown owes the Bank of Braavos a tremendous amount of money.

Arya lays and recites the names of all those that she will get revenge on, annoying The Hound, but she says she can’t sleep until she recites them all. Last of all she names The Hound.

Lyssa brings sweets for Sansa, and tells her stories about her family. She tells Sansa that Little Finger cares for her, feels responsible for her, she asks Sansa why? Her kind conversation turning to  a sort of menacing and frantic jealousy. Sansa says that she thinks it’s because she’s half  Tully. Lyssa says that you were going to say “and he loved your Mothe”r, but Sansa says no quickly, that he loves you Lyssa. She claims that Cat always went for the sweetest thing, but she never loved him. She asks what Sansa has let Peter do with her young body, asking her if she’s pregnant. Sansa upset, says no, that she’s a virgin. Lyssa grasps her hands tight and says don’t lie to her, don’t lie to her, she’ll know if she lies. Sansa crying says that Peter just says that she’s a stupid little girl with stupid dreams, that never learns. Swearing that he’s never touched her. Lyssa finally gives up and hushes her, and says that it will all be all right. She tells her that she’ll be a widow soon when Tyrion is executed and she will then be free to marry Robin, making her a Lady of the Vale.

Brienne and Pod ride, Pod not quite having the hang of riding a horse. She warns that it could take weeks for them to get to Castle Black, and invites him to leave anytime he wants. He swears to never leave, even though she releases him from his oath.

The hound wakes and finds Arya gone, he finds her practicing her sword play. He makes fun of her sword dancing. The Hound tells her to show him what she knows, she tries to stab him, but cannot pierce his armor. He knocks her to the ground humiliating her.

Cersei meets with Prince Oberyn, asking to show him the gardens. She tries to convince him to vote against Tyrion at his trial. She asks if he would bring a gift for her daughter, a ship, an obvious bribe. He agrees.

Podrick stamps out a flaming rabbit he was trying to cook. Brienne comes back with firewood and catches him, scorning him for trying to cook a rabbit without skinning it first, realizing that Podrick has never cooked anything before. She asks if while he was in Tyrion’s service if he had ever done anything remotely close to combat. He admits to killing a King’s guard, who was trying to kill Tyrion during the battle of Blackwater. She throws him a bone, and lets him help her take off her armor.

Locke sneaks into Craster’s Keep, Bran notices that someone is near. Jojen Reed warns Bran that nothing must stop him. Bran says that they have stopped him, but he replies, “No, not here, far from here.” At the great Weirwood tree, they have all seen it. He says the tree is waiting for him, this isn’t the end for Bran. His Sister Meera asks how they will know the end? He looks at his own hand, seeing it on fire, and says you’ll know.

Locke returns to Jon Snow and tells the Night’s Watch that there are 11 men, mostly drunk. He says that there’s a hut on the west side of the keep that they should steer clear of, saying there are hounds inside that may announce their presence. It’s the hut Jon Snow’s Brother is in. Snow tells them to get some rest, they move at sundown.

Karl Tanner and 2 of his men go into the hut and hang Meera from a hook, while Bran and her Brother beg for them to stop.Tanner plans to rape her, Jojen tells him if he lets his Sister go he can use his sight to help him. Tanner asks if he’s seen what he’s going to do to his Sister, what his men are going to do to her. Jojen says that he saw him die tonight, and with that the Night’s watch storm into the camp. Locke enters the hut and says that he’s there to rescue them. Bran asks if Jon is with him, and Locke says yes, that he’s going to take him to Jon. He slices his leg, confirming that he is Bran Stark, and says that they are going for a ride. Bran tries to yell for Jon, Locke says if he isn’t quiet he will cut his friends throats. He throws Bran over his shoulder, Bran wargs Hodor, and makes him break free from his chains. Hodor grabs Locke by the throat and breaks his neck. He leaves him and tells Hodor to cut him loose, then to go free Jojen and Meera.  He tries to crawl to his Brother, but Jojen stops him and tells him that Jon wont let him continue his journey to the 3 eyed raven. He agrees, and they leave with out letting Jon know that they were there.

Jon faces off with Karl Tanner, Tanner manages to stab Jon Snow in the side, fighting dirty. When he has almost defeated Jon, one of Craster’s Wives stabs Tanner, Tanner turns on her and Jon stabs him in the back of the head. Rast manages to escape, but doesn’t make is far, he is torn apart by Jon’s wolf. His wolf then goes back to greet Jon. He asks Craster’s wives to come back to Castle Black. The elder wife says that they will find their own way, and then they burn Craster’s Keep to the ground, while they stay and watch. Fade to black.

A good episode all in all, keeping the gears in motion. Watching Cersei continue to try to manipulate and scheme just makes me eager to see her get her comeuppance, but maybe that’s just me getting blood thirsty after finally seeing Joffrey get what was coming to him. Though honestly, I really would love Tywin to get his even sooner, but that’s probably because I have seen Charles Dance play so many baddies that he alone is like a whole evil army being defeated.