DC Comics Cyborg is coming to the Warner Bros. DC Comics universe. According to reports on Thursday, Zack Snyder has added Ray Fisher to the cast of Batman vs. Superman to play Victor Stone, the STAR Labs scientist who becomes Cyborg.

Now, the reports are all saying that Fisher will play Cyborg, but there is always a chance that the character of Cyborg does not appear in the Batman vs. Superman movie. When Man of Steel came out, Snyder was clear in saying that the reason they had STAR Labs in the movie was to tie it in to Cyborg.

There is no reason why Fisher can’t just play Victor Stone in Batman vs. Superman, maybe help Superman out, and then become Cyborg later down the line. In the New DC 52 comic books, Stone becomes Cyborg during a horrible accident, a half man and half robot, and is one of the founding members of The Justice League.


DC Comics

Most non-comic book readers know Cyborg as a member of The Teen Titans, as he has appeared in all the Teen Titans animated series as the good buddy of Beast Boy. Before the New DC 52, Cyborg was always a member of the Titans, and was simply promoted when DC Comics rebooted.

Batman vs. Superman already has signed Gal Gadot to play Diana Prince, who fans know better as Wonder Woman. Neither Gadot nor Fisher are planned to play big roles in Batman vs. Superman, and both are likely just there to open up the DC Comics universe in the movies. Both Gadot and Fisher have signed multi-picture deals.

With Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) leading the new movie, and Wonder Woman and Cyborg appearing as well, that just leaves Green Lantern, Flash and Aquaman left to introduce to fill in the Justice League team. There have been rumors of Aquaman appearing in the movie in some manner and Flash is coming to the CW as a TV show.

It sounds like, by the time Batman vs. Superman is over with, the Justice League will be all introduced and ready to roll. Can Warner Bros. pull this off? Chime in below and lets talk the DC Comics movies.