Greetings my little gore loving gremlins, it’s Fiendish Flicks Friday yet again and have I got a fun little flick for you! Those who know me best, know that one of my favorite things in this whole wicked world are horror anthology flicks! Tonight’s film is the very first horror anthology movie I ever did see, curled up in my cat woman underoos and zipped tight in a Gizmo sleeping Stephen King's Cat's Eyebag. That’s right, Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye kicked it all off (Well the movie version at least. Truth be told,  Rod Serling & Alfred Hitchcock beat you to the punch, sorry Stephen).

Honestly, I think short stories are where King shines brightest. Don’t get me wrong, his novels have some great imagery and definite strong points, but occasionally those are bogged down by slow beginnings and dubious endings. We can argue this if you Stephen King's Cat's Eyewant, but case in point, The Stand…hand of god? Really?! All of that for nothing?!! But even I can’t deny that he has written some phenomenal shorts, one of my favorite being Strawberry Spring in Night Shift. Seriously, if you don’t know this one, do yourself a favor and check it out. I digress (a lot), back to the point!

Directed by Lewis Teague, and starring a barely out of bibs Drew Barrymore, and a young…well, younger James Woods, Cat’s eye is comprised of Stephen King's Cat's Eye3 weird and wonderful tales. 3 tales of terror, tied together by one courageous cat who is trying to find and save a terrified young girl being tormented by a tiny troll (played by Drew Barrymore…the girl, not the troll). The first story is titled Quitter’s Inc., and stars James Woods as a smoker who is desperate to quit. Though, when he finds out the methods this helpful organization employs as incentive, he finds a whole new meaning to the word desperate. If you don’t quit for yourself, quit for the ones you love….

The second story finds our fearless feline at a high rise casino in Atlantic City, in a torrid tale of adultery and retribution called The Ledge. A classic story involving a jaded millionaire, his hot young wife, and of course her equally young and equally hot tennis instructor (seriously, you’d think Stephen King's Cat's Eyebanning tennis lessons would be in the pre-nup. Will they ever learn?) Our millionaire isn’t completely cold hearted, he does give our underdog a chance to walk away, that is if his can walk when it it’s all over. The stakes are high, the bet is made, and our hero must walk the narrow ledge around the penthouse 40 stories up. I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun, so I guess I’ll leave you hanging on the outcome of that tale.

Last in the series, our tenacious tabby finally finds his destination, the home of Amanda, the little girl who sent our kitty a psychic cry for a knight in shining..uh…fur. Appropriately naming him The General, as is the name of the final tale in this trilogy, he has come to stand guard. Our Stephen King's Cat's Eyelittle princess is plagued by a creepy critter who’s come to stir up bad dreams and commit nefarious deeds, that our poor furry friend inevitably gets blamed for. You’ll have to watch to see if our princely puss saves the day before the credits roll. All I can say is that the finale is…er…breathtaking.

If you haven’t had your fill of putrid puns, or if you are just a glutton for punishment and a fan of strange girls obsessed with spine-chilling sinema, come back next Friday for another Fiendish Flick. -Ruby