It’s down to the Face Off season finale folks! Tyler, Rashaad and George are in it for keeps tonight, and the pressure is high. The Contestants start the episode skyping with family, and getting a boost to help back their ambition.

Walking onto a neon and star studded stage, they are met by McKenzie with their final challenge, to create 2 rival alien races. They each select a constellation from the screen to inspire their creations.

The Assignments

Tyler: Leo

George: Cetus

Rashaad: Ursa Major

To help them complete their make-ups, the former contestants are brought back and divided among the 3 remaining. George picks Corrine & Nico, Rashaad picks Daran & Cat,  and Tyler picks Graham & Chloe
After the teams are chosen, McKenzie adds the inevitable twist to their challenge. Their Make-ups will have to withstand a vigorous dance routine in front of a live audience, and DJ Rusko will be there as musical guest. Rusko also throws in a twist, all their creations must incorporate lights.

The teams sit and sketch. George going an interesting route, instead of making 2 separate opposing races, he plans to create a male and female of the same race, which seems risky. Though they have different sea creature elements, the bases seem too similar in the sketch phase. It will be interesting to see how they will turn out.

Tyler feels behind before day 1 of 4 is over, but seems to be in line with everyone else. On the beginning of day 2, George’s team seems spot on, his sculpts are gorgeous. All are hard at work, and planning where their lights will be applied in the pieces. On day 3 George gets an unfortunate surprise, his face mold has a large tear in it, and he will have to run it again. At end of day 3 Rashaad partially opens his mold, it hasn’t dried at all. He’s afraid that one of the key pieces wont be ready for the finale. He and his team close the mold back up and hope for the best on the morning of day 4.

Day 4-application day, Rashaad’s mold is half good and half damaged. They run it in polyfoam and incorporate the damage into the design. George finds another tear in his face mold, and hurries to patch it the best he can. Tyler alone seems to be without major hiccups, despite worrying in the beginning about being behind. The last hour the Contestants scramble. George is worried that his aliens look too similar, and he should be. His sculpture work is great, but the paint job looks muddy, and a lot of the lovely detail is lost.

The stage it set, the Judges ready, and the contestants on edge. Time for the show! Tyler’s aliens are up first, the contrasting paint jobs are nice, though it’s hard to see the Leo influence in the sculpts. Rashaad comes on second. His make-up is really interesting, contrasting colors on each alien, and contrasting with each other. George is on last, and his are a bit disappointing compared to his competition. After the viewing, the dance portion ensues, techno and neon with silver clad back up dancers.

After the dance portion the Judges take a closer look. They are impressed with the sculpture work on George’s pieces, but also are confused by the paint choice. They notice the damage on Rashaad’s pieces, but are still impressed with the paint and how it was incorporated. They seem blown away by Tyler’s aliens.

Winner: Rashaad

I have been so impressed with George’s work through out, but was sad to see his final pieces. If he had just made different choices in the paint, they would have been so much better, so it was a little heart breaking to see it end like this. Between Rashaad and Tyler, I think Tyler should have won. Not because Rashaad’s pieces weren’t phenomenal, but because I think he needs a little more time to learn and hone his skills, looking at the season as a whole. Tyler seems just a little more advanced skill wise, but I doubt he will have any problem finding work in the business. He has a fantastic attitude, and vision that will take him far. This show is addicting, I can’t wait until next season!

Weigh in, who do you think was the weakest? Who should have won the Face Off season finale?