The Breakdown

Cyrus is listening to Fitz’ dry run of the eulogy. Jake calls Cyrus and Cyrus ignores his call. Jake finally goes to the White House and tells Fitz about the bomb. The church is being evacuated, just as everyone leaves the bomb goes off. Sally is tending to injured people at the bomb site. The coverage of Sally helping the wounded is gaining more media attention then the president speaking about the events.

Harrison and Abby walk into the office and catch Huck and Quinn having sex. Charlie leaves Quinn and gives her an envelope of a final mission which she refuses to open. Fitz feels that he will lose the election so he tells Olivia that they will get married and move to Vermont. Olivia tells Fitz that his dad raped Mellie when he was governor.


Sally is being predicted to win in the polls. Quinn takes Huck to a house with a mother and child who was the target of the envelope that Charlie gave her. Huck is applauded and doesn’t want to see her again. Olivia calls Fitz before he gives a speech and tells him that she wouldn’t want him if he left Mellie right now. When Olivia goes back to the hospital room where her dad is, her mom is there. Olivia threatens to call security. While giving his speech Jerry starts bleeding profusely (from the nose) behind Fitz’. Mellie screams Fitz’ name and Jerry falls on the floor. Maya tells Olivia that she tried to kill the president for her.

News reports spread the word about Jerry’s collapse at the rally. Cyrus and Olivia mull over the fact that Jerry is dead and Olivia tells Cyrus that Fitz will win the election because of this. One of the secret service members tell Fitz that Jerry died from a strain of meningitis that was recently stolen. Rowan talks to Fitz and tells him that Maya did this and he can serve her head on a platter for him. Fitz gives him the go head. Olivia walks up to them and wonders what is going on, Fitz fills her in.


Huck tells Olivia about his family that Quinn brought to him. Olivia thinks that he should knock on the door. Rowan checks himself out of the hospital. Olivia calls him and asks if the offer for her getting out-of-town and starting a new life is still on the table. Olivia tells Abby and Huck that she is leaving, Abby doesn’t take the news well. Rowan approaches Harrison in a parking lot and wants his help to find Maya. Harrison refuses at first, then Rowan shows him a picture of Adnan dead. Harrison tells Rowan where Maya will pick up her money. Jake goes to Olivia’s home while she is packing. Jake wants to run away with her. Olivia tells him that she is in love with someone else. Jake just wants to start over again.

Harrison walks into the office preaching that Maya has been found. He stops and wonders where Olivia is and they tell him that she is gone. Rowan calls Fitz and tells him that Maya was detained and deposed of. Harrison meets Rowan to try to get Olivia back. Rowan tells him that isn’t going to happen because everything is fine now. Harrison puts it all together that Rowan killed Adnan to make him talk, Rowan ordered his men to kill Jerry and this was a plot to get Fitz back into office plus get Olivia away from everything at the same time.


Rowan tells Harrison that Fitz took his child, so he took one of his. Knowing all of this Rowan has Harrison killed and tells him that NO ONE can take command. Fitz wins his re-election and goes to the office to pour himself a drink that he doesn’t drink. He just falls to te floor crying. Mellie comes in and tries to get him up but Fitz will not budge. Fitz wants to know where Olivia is. Mellie calls her but Olivia does not answer. Jake sends David a huge box with all of B6-13 files. Huck goes to his family’s house. Maya is locked in a cell underneath the floor.

The Analysis

WOW is this a series finale or a season finale? Everything was tied up in a nice little bow. Huck found his family again, Fitz won reelection. Olivia finally left the “life” (for now) and Harrison was murdered. Where can we honestly go from here? Scandal has not been officially renewed but it will be a shocker if it isn’t as one of ABC’s highest rated shows. With everything tied up in a nice bow I missed the cliffhanger portion of the finale. I guess we can’t all have exactly what we want.