Steel Cage Match: Ultimate Warrior vs. “Macho King” Randy Savage
Brother Love Show: Ultimate Warrior

Warrior opens the second disc by talking about how Vince McMahon went to the newspapers to find current news topics to set up storylines. Warrior said that he liked the idea of losing the title to Slaughter to set up the Hulk Hogan return and instead fighting the match with Randy Savage for Savage’s retirement. Savage is the reason Warrior lost the WWF title (that match was not shown).

The first match shown here was the cage match that Savage actually won by escaping the cage. Warrior ripped off Sherri’s top and skirt after the match and ended up press slamming Sherri at the end. In the Brother Love segment, Warrior said he would end Savage’s career and would start ending careers now and tore up the Brother Love set. He then chased Brother Love to the ring and beat him up.

Retirement Match: Ultimate Warrior vs. “Macho King” Randy Savage

When it came to WrestleMania VII, Warrior said this match was just as equal a status as Hogan vs. Warrior was the year before. He said it was also a good matchup because both men were very over-the-top in their personalities. He said the five flying elbow drops and three press slams in the match were negotiated between the two wrestlers. He said that the two men really respected each other.

Interestingly, this is one of the only times that Warrior did not run down to the ring full speed. This might be the best Warrior match of all time. Of course, this is the match that Savage lost and Miss Elizabeth came in to save him from a Sensational Sherri attack after the match.

The Funeral Parlor w/ Paul Bearer: Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior vs. The Undertaker

Warrior called The Undertaker the first character the WWF created from ground zero and Vince McMahon told Warrior he wanted them to work together so they could put Undertaker over onto the next level. He said the first match they fought each other, the fans liked the Undertaker character, which he said worried Undertaker. Warrior said that he told Undertaker that it was a great thing that the fans loved his character. Warrior said when they told him that Undertaker would put him in a casket, he joked that it would be the most rest he had in months.

The Funeral Parlor segment was very, very uncomfortable to watch based on Warrior’s recent death. They talked about dying, with Warrior saying it wasn’t his time, and it ended with Undertaker putting Warrior into the casket and locking it. It took officials forever to get him out, and it was looking like he almost died.

The match itself was very bad. Warrior was full speed and Undertaker was slow and methodical, no selling everything. There was almost two minutes of Undertaker with a chin claw on Warrior. The end came after Warrior kicked out of the tombstone and Undertaker hit Warrior with the urn for a DQ. They then put Warrior in the body bag after the match.

Ultimate Warrior

Mean Gene Okerlund Interview: Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage

Up next was Ultimate Warrior returning to the WWF after a six month absence and he returned about a month before WrestleMania VIII. Warrior said that when he ran in to save Hulk Hogan from Psycho Sid and Papa Shango, it was the biggest pop he has ever heard. They showed parts of the press conference when he returned to the WWF.

The interview with Mean Gene was to advertise a WWF title match between champion Randy Savage and his challenger at SummerSlam, Ultimate Warrior. The two argued about who was the best, which brought out Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect. Flair had a great line about beating guys with painted faces his entire career. Flair challenged both men to come to the ring and lose to him. Savage ran in, but was double teamed until Warrior saved him.

Promo: The Ultimate Maniacs
Tag Team Championship: Money Inc. (The Million Dollar Man and IRS) vs. The Ultimate Maniacs

Warrior talks about the formation of the Ultimate Maniacs tag team with Macho Man Randy Savage. He talked about how much Savage taught him about adapting and changing styles to remain fresh. This was supposed to lead to a main event at the Survivor Series against “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Razor Ramon, but Warrior left again right before the event, so they had to change things up. After that, he was gone for a long time. The match provided here was awesome because Randy Savage ran out full speed, just like Warrior, and they were a house of fire. This match was on Saturday Night’s Main Event, the week before the Survivor Series. Money Inc. walked out for a count out, but this was a high intensity match with Savage and Warrior looking incredible. They had the fans eating out of their hands. This could have been huge if Warrior hadn’t walked out again.

Ultimate Warrior


Ultimate Warrior vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Warrior said he wanted to make a business out of his name and that is why he left. Warrior said Vince McMahon called him to come back and Warrior refused if he had to come back under a regular contract because of his outside businesses. Linda McMahon called him and asked him to come back under a special agreement three years later. He then said that they wanted him to re-establish himself quickly, which led to the squashing of Triple H at Wrestlemania XII. He said he caught a lot of heat for that, but it was ok. Sable accompanied Triple H to the ring for that match. The worst part of the match was Triple H hitting the Pedigree and Warrior completely no selling it and standing right back up. However, the fans in attendance loved it.

Vince McMahon “Raw” Interview with Ultimate Warrior
Vince McMahon “Raw” Interview with Ultimate Warrior and Jerry Lawler
Ultimate Warrior vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Warrior said he was not really concerned with where his character was heading. All he knew is that Ultimate Warrior would be a main event star when he returned. He said that he only cared about making his character as good as he could, and didn’t care about winning titles anymore. He feels, at this point in his career, he was the best he ever was. In the interview on WWE Monday Night Raw, Goldust interrupted and the two had words before Warrior clotheslined him down. Lots of Goldust innuendo in that interview. The second interview was Jerry Lawler explaining how he cost Ultimate Warrior from winning in the King of the Ring tournament. Lawler presented Ultimate Warrior with a painting he made of the Warrior as a gift, but ended up smashing it over Warrior’s head. The match itself was from the same King of the Ring PPV that Stone Cold Steve Austin won. The entire first part of the match was Lawler cheating and using all kind of underhanded tactics. Then Warrior “Hulked Up” and hit his clotheslines and won with a shoulder tackle.

WCW Monday Nitro: Ultimate Warrior Confronts Hulk Hogan
WCW Monday Nitro: Ultimate Warrior Promo

Warrior talked about leaving wrestling. He said there were some independent bookings but he really felt like most of the promoters who called him seemed to think they were doing him a favor by booking him. He said Hulk Hogan was no different when he called him to come to WCW. The Warrior’s first appearance in WCW was legendary when it happened and is still an awesome segment today. Warrior said it was for a lot of money and Warrior came in to do something special, but the WCW people didn’t seem to care about it on their part. He said that no one really knew what direction the stories were going, Eric Bichoff would have panic attacks and they just rode the nWo for as long as it would carry them. He said they just used Ted Turner’s money to buy stars and he realized soon they just bought him for Hogan to beat and get his win back. If he knew that going in, he would have never went there for all the money they paid him. The second promo was the night after Hulk Hogan pinned him and Warrior beat up Hulk Hogan, Horace Hogan, The Giant (Big Show) and Eric Bischoff.

Ultimate Warrior

The feature ends with Warrior saying that he is getting into the WWE Hall of Fame and he will tell the fans the full true story, which is still to come. He then said this was just the beginning and he will tell more of his story down the line. That was a very sad statement at the end, looking at what happened. We got the WWE Hall of Fame speech and the WWE Monday Night Raw promo the night before his death, but outside of that, this was the Warrior’s final words.