For those only familiar with the first movie, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters is the sequel to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. The movie was a decent young adult adaptation on its own, but as a fan of the novels it is based, the movie was highly disappointing compared to the books.

I am surprised they are continuing the franchise, as they completely changed the bad guy in the first movie from the book, which greatly changes the story that the books build to. For those who have seen the movie, the bad guy in the first movie (who was not the main bad guy in the book) plays a large role and it is the bad guy they only referenced who is the antagonist for the series. For those who haven’t read the books, I won’t say much more but you need to read them if you like young adult fantasy.

The stars from the first are back for Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters as Logan Lerman returns as Percy, Brandon T. Jackson is back as Grover and Alexandra Daddario returns as Annabeth. Sean Bean is also coming back as Zeus, while Nathan Fillion replaces Dylan Neal as Hermes and Stanley Tucci joins the cast as Dionysus.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters hits theaters on August 16, 2013.