The Breakdown 

Agent Garrett and Triplet go to a safe house and are attacked by Deathlok. Garrett and Triplet give him everything they’ve got, even the Icer gun. Deathlok is not harmed badly but jumps through the ceiling and leaves. Agents Hand, Blake and Sidwell come to Coulson at the BUS. Coulson waits to get into the air to tell them what is going on. Coulson and Garrett feel that they are getting close to the clairvoyant. Which is the reason why Deathlok was sent to come after Garrett and Triplet. Coulson thinks that they need to split up to try to take the clairvoyant down. Coulson wants Skye on the project but she needs to be a SHIELD agent in order to access classified files. Fitz and Simmons are taking more blood from Skye, they want to send it to a lab for more tests. Simmons wants Skye to talk to Coulson to try to have him change his mind about having someone outside if the team take a look at the blood. Skye feels that they should just obey Coulson. Ward comes and get Skye to take her to Coulson. On Hand’s approval Skye is now an official a SHIELD agent. Skye wants to break up the team to give the coordinates of suspects that fit the clairvoyant to one member and the other member has the profile of him. They are doing this so that no one person as all of the information. In a hotel somewhere Deathlok is alive and well. The clairvoyant sends Deathlok a weapon that goes on his arm. The clairvoyant knows that SHIELD is on to him and needs Deathlok’s help.

Ward and Triplet are paired together to find a man named Ford. Triplet has an ax to grid if they find the clairvoyant because he lost one of his coworkers. Ward feels the same way because of what happened to Skye. May and Blake are sent to find a man named Thomas Nash, they are at an assisted living facility, Nash is a patient. Coulson and Garrett are after a Rico Santo. While Garrett and Coulson are driving a detour pops up. They go down the detour and a truck pops out. Blake is searching through the log book in the facility and Deathlok attacks him. Black tells Peterson that SHIELD can help him. Blake tries to use Peterson’s son to get him to not get strangled to death. Deathlok steps on Blake’s chest. May comes around the corner and Deathlok uses a missile (that is in his new armband) to shoot at May. May leaves unarmed.

Blake and the team are sent to the HUB to get Blake medical attention. Simmons is assigned to the HUB as well. Fitz wonders will she be ok and she wants to be there in order to do further testing on Skye’s blood. While searching through Blake’s gun, Coulson noticed that he shot Deathlok with a round of the tracer bullet that Fitz and Simmons invented. They have tracked Deathlok to an abandoned race track. Ward wants to leave Skye in the truck with an armed guard and Coulson agrees. Garrett, May, Ward, Fitz and Coulson go into the building. Fitz sends in the dwarf drone to find Deathlok. Skye gets a signal on Deathlok and he destroys one of the drones. Coulson sends Fitz back to the truck with Skye. Coulson and the rest of the team go in. Deathlok fires another missile at May and shoots a few rounds. The team fires back and loses Deathlok. Deathlok jumps from the level they are on and goes into the basement. Coulson and Garrett follow him and find a room with a man in a wheelchair looking at a bunch of monitors. The man says (with help from a computer) that he surrenders.

Thomas Nash is the man in the room, he is the clairvoyant. He says that he never liked that name which Poe gave it to him. Nash tells Garrett and Coulson that Skye will die. Ward has heard enough and shoots Nash, everyone is shocked. May takes the gun away from Ward. Ward is going to be sent to the HUB for debriefing and taken in front of a review board. May tells Coulson that Fury is back and wants to talk to him. Skye talks to Ward on the BUS in the holding cell. Ward tells Skye that he had to kill Nash in order to keep her safe. Fitz is calling Simmons on a secure line. Simmons is breaking up so Fitz is trying to figure out the problem. Fitz finds out that the line is being tapped. Simmons tells Fitz that agents are coming into the room she is in and she drops from the line. Skye goes and talks to Coulson and tells him that she has been looking at the profile from the clairvoyant. Skye feels that Ward may have killed the wrong man. Skye thinks that the clairvoyant is still out there. Coulson thinks that the clairvoyant doesn’t have powers but he has a clearance which is how he know everything about them. The clairvoyant always said that he never understood how Coulson came back to life. This may be because Fury had Coulson’s files sealed to everyone.

Fitz is searching the cockpit to see where the fault in the line is. He finds an encrypted line. Coulson goes into the room where Ward is and asks him who told him to shoot Nash and who is he working for? May walks in and asks what Fitz is doing. Fitz gives her a boring lie and leaves. Fitz runs into Skye, he tells Skye that May has an unauthorized line. Skye tells him to cut it so that May can not call out. Coulson is trying to find out from Ward who he answers too and who told him to shoot Nash. Ward tells Coulson that he wasn’t ordered to do it by anyone. Skye walks into the room and tells Coulson that they have a problem. May is still in the room where the encrypted line and calls out. Fitz cuts the line. May grabs a gun and runs to the room where Fitz is. She is shoots two shots. Fitz is behind bulletproof glass. Coulson tells May not to move (at gunpoint) from the upper deck of the BUS. Coulson demands to know who May is working for. Coulson tells May that he knows why Deathlok didn’t kill her and why he ran off and left Nash to be captured by him and Garrett. Coulson thinks that May is giving orders to Deathlok. Skye is on the same floor as May and has a gun up to her as well. Coulson orders May to tell him what is going on. May tells Coulson that she can explain but not here. Coulson tells her to get rid of her gun. May tells him that it is an Icer. Coulson says that his isn’t and he wants answers. The plane turns around on its own and everyone falls. Coulson asks May what is she doing. May says that she hasn’t done anything, she has no idea what is going on. Agent Hand is at the HUB and tells someone when the BUS arrives kill everyone on board except Coulson. Hand says that he is hers.

The Analysis 

So Coulson thinks that everyone is a traitor and not it seems that Agent Hand is the one the one that he needs to be looking for. This is so hard to wrap up because this part of the series is leading somewhere and a bit of it may be wrapped into Captain America or the episode that follows Captain America. We were given a big episode after Thor: The Dark World. I think that we are in for the same thing next weeks episode so I will reserve most of my thought until the next episode.