The Breakdown

Joe has one of his followers kill a cult member named Carla in order to free her and prepare her to free souls. People are partying in the streets with Carroll masks, they are not hurting anyone just spreading the word of Joe. Carrie is leaving Ryan’s house and Mike comes in. Mike and Max have found a list of cults that are driving distance to New York. Mike doesn’t have anything solid yet but Max is still working the list. Ryan and Mike also discuss Lilly Gray, they think that she might be in a country with no extradition laws. Claire speaks to a Brad Daniels about leaving. Brad doesn’t want her to go and threatens to detain her with interfering with a federal investigation. Claire tells them that she will not revels herself she just wants to talk to Ryan. Claire thinks she has a way to help Ryan on his quest for Joe.

Two men with masks go into a coffee shop and kill or stab everyone in sight. Ryan is at the scene of the shop where the murders occurred. There were 5 dead and over 12 wounded. Ryan asks the detective on the scene was there a message left. Ryan is told no. Ryan says that their was a message on all of Joe’s other crimes. A woman goes to her car and a woman approaches her and calls her by name. The woman turns around and gets stabbed. The murderer grabs the victims ID badge, covers the woman up in a blanket and drives off in the victims car. Emma and Joe are talking about Mandy and why Joe didn’t put Mandy in the hole like the others that had questions. Mandy is listening in the entire time. Robert comes in and asks Joe why did he have to kill Carla. Robert tells Joe that he and Carla were close. Robert has questions about Joe and his message. Robert tells Joe that the others want to know are they really freeing these people? Robert tells Joe that many members miss Micah because Micah was the person to decide who lives and who died. Joe tells Robert to let people know there is a big difference in who the man Joe was and the man he is today. When Robert leaves, Joe asks Emma to keep and eye on Robert because a lot of the cult members look up to him. Emma goes to work immediately and goes and sees Robert. Emma tells him that he can talk to her. Robert wants to know if they are doing a good thing and if Joe really believes that he is freeing souls. Emma tells Robert that she has questioned Joe in the past as well but she believes that they are doing the right thing. She tells Robert that they are there to help Joe stay in line and that sending people home is her truth. If Robert believes this will be his truth as well. Emma wraps it up with coming on to Robert and having a little sex session with him.

Mandy goes into Joe’s room and calls his name to see if he is there. When Joe does not reply, Mandy goes into a closet and pulls out a laptop. She searches the internet for a heart-shaped purse located in Baltimore. Mandy writes down the number and leaves. Serena, the woman who stabbed the woman at the car, walks into a hospital and goes to the locker room and puts a bag into a locker. In a packed ER, two men that have minor wounds take there bandages and IV’s out when the nurses turn their backs. The two men go to the locker room and retrieve the bag Serena place there. They grab the guns inside and move on. Ryan and Mike are on the scene of the bakery. They are told that the men that stabbed up the house. Stabbed the cooks in the kitchen and ran out of the back. Ryan is told that there were 5 cooks stabbed. Ryan noticed that there were only 3 cooks listed on the schedule. Ryan gets the detective to find out where the victims were taken. They find out that it was the same hospital that Luke is in. Ryan thinks that this is the work of Lilly Gray. Serena goes to a floor of the hospital and tells the officers that she was sent to give a patient meds. Serena gets in and goes to Luke’s room, she then puts a phone to Luke’s head. Lilly tells Luke to do exactly what Serena tells him to and that he is coming home.

The two men pose as a nurse and a patient on a stretcher. They go to the floor where Luke is and one of the officers are told to stop. One of the men puts his hands up and the one in the bed shoots all of the officers on site. They release gas and put on gas masks. A doctor tries to attack one of the men and they shoot him. A nurse the men don’t see hides under a table. The two men meet with Serena and Luke and leave. As they are leaving a man in an ambulance calls them and tells them they have a problem. The FBI, Mike and Ryan are on the scene and have the hospital locked down. They sweep the floors and find no one. They get to the floor where Luke was and the nurse jumps up yelling “don’t shoot”. She tells Ryan that she overheard them speaking about leaving an ambulance. Ryan calls to the other officers and tells them to lock down any ambulances leaving the hospital. They find one on the street, the driver gets out a shoots and the FBI takes him down. The FBI tells Ryan that the ambulance was empty and Ryan thinks that they are still in the hospital. Luke and the two men go to the stairs and have to leave Serena. Luke wonders what going on and the men tell him that they have to go to plan B. Ryan and Mike split up and cover the stairwells. Mike is going down the stairs when an officer and a few doctors and nurses are coming up. Mike checks all of the ID’s and Serena doesn’t show hers. She pushes one of the women into Mike and runs. Mike chases her down the stairs and corners her. Mike asks her where is Lilly. Serena refuses to talk and Ryan tells her he will shoot her. Serena tells him to shoot her and charges him with a knife. The other offices shoots Serena and Mike has a look of dismay on his face.

Emma goes to Joe’s room and see that he is watching a preacher on TV named Kingston Tanner and see a bible on the table. Emma wants to know what is he doing. Joe tells Emma that Kingston Tanner has been talking about Joe in order to boost his ratings. Joe also tells Emma that these people need something to believe in and religion is that. Emma asks Joe is he serious and what is their plan, they are running out of time. Joe tells him that the problem with Poe is that he was thinking too small. Joe reads Emma a passage from the bible and tells her that religion isn’t about religion, it’s about violence masked in truth. Joe tells Emma that if Tanner wants a holy war he will give it to him. Mandy packs her bags and leaves the Corbin site.

Ryan is searching the basement of the hospital for Luke, he radios to Mike where he is and that Luke is going to use the marketplace to escape. Ryan searches a few closets and finds Luke. He tells Luke to get on the floor and Luke tells him that the floor is dirty. A man puts a gun up to Ryan’s head. Ryan tries to make a deal with the man to give Luke over to Ryan and he will let him go. Ryan tells the man, that the police are doing a person by person search and how did he think he was going to get out of there. Luke asks the man how were they going to leave and the man tells him there are going to walk out. While this discussion is going on Ryan takes the gun from the man’s hand and the two of them struggle. Luke runs off and Ryan shoots the man. Luke runs through the marketplace and puts on a hat. Ryan chases after him but doesn’t see Luke in sight.

Carrie meets Ryan at the marketplace and tells him that he saved lives. Ryan says not tonight. The conversation is short-lived as Carrie has to go on air. Carrie is reporting that these latest string of crimes have been planned by Lily Grey and not Joe Carroll. Joe is watching the broadcast and says the Lily is cleaver but she is going to die. Luke comes back to Mark and they share a rather long embrace for two men but they are twins so that makes it totally not gay at all. Luke then hugs his mom. Lily asks if he is hurt and tells Luke that she is going to kill everyone. Mike and Ryan are talking in the car. Mike thinks that this is impossible. He thinks that Lily’s resources are far greater than Joe’s and that they will never catch her. Ryan tells him that they will and afterwords they will have a life. Mandy hitchhikes a ride on the side of the road. A woman picks her up and Mandy calls the number she got from the internet. The phone rings and Mark answers. Mandy asks is it really him and she tells him that she got the number from the ad. Mike is at Ryan’s place and someone knocks on the door. Brad Daniels comes in and Mike tells Ryan that he can explain. Claire comes in.

The Analyst 

Did I miss something or did Emma kill Robert? I could have sworn they just had sex, but Emma did say to Joe that Robert wouldn’t be a problem ANYMORE. This could be taken two ways with Emma. Joe’s perfect little cult isn’t going so well. I was thinking during the episode that Joe should try to rebuild Havenport in the fact that he needs people who love and idolize him who also want to murder there fellow man. Not hippie false religious folks. Even turning this into a religious debate may not work out to Joe’s satisfaction as these people are not killers. Havenport worked because he had a tightly knitted group of psychopaths. Joe needs another group of psychopaths in order to create the chaos that he wants. These people he has now just want…umm I have no idea what cult followers want but it sure ain’t to murder people. The fan will be hit with shit as Ryan gets whatever he has on his chest with Claire and now Mike out. I can’t wait to see his reaction.