Let me just throw this out to you in point form:

  • Chris Carter
  • Area 51
  • AMC
  • Gale Ann Hurd

If there is potential for another great TV event we have enough names dropped here to do it. Based on the book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, which you can pick up at Amazon or your better local bookstores, Chris Carter of The X-Files fame will be developing the series, writing the pilot and executive producing. Kaboom!

Carter was last seen writing and directing the Amazon exclusive pilot episode of The After, which can now be seen online since February 6, 2014, and has since been ordered to pilot. And before that the Slow-burn thinker of a film The X-Files: I Want to believe, which got an unfortunate bum-wrap because it wasn’t a mythology episode, yet turned out to arguably be a great episode.

Chris Carter directs

Chris Carter directs

With two series in play, the man who put Vancouver on the map, and brought to light the genius that is the original tv series Kolchak; The Night Stalker, is coming back in 2014, big-time. There is no guarantee this AMC series will have any aliens in it, but for my money, what Carter was great at was conspiracy. The mysteries of the universe, and government’s part in handling what the general population can take.

No word on whether the series will be modern day or period, but we do know that with Chris Carter’s track record and AMC, this could be another show added to my already extensive TV viewing time.


James C.