This week on the season finale of The Walking Dead viewers saw some serious bloodshed, flashbacks of Hershel, and finally the inside of Terminus.

The Breakdown

This week’s season finale of The Walking Dead entitled A started with Rick, Carl, and Michonne. Rick had flashbacks of the prison with Hershel, Maggie, and Glenn as he sat on the ground full of blood near a truck.

We were then shown what happened earlier as Rick, Carl, and Michonne decided to check their traps for animals. They briefly discussed what they would tell the others at Terminus. They then saw a man surrounded by walkers, but it was too late to help him. They ended up fighting walkers of their own.

That night where they decided to camp for the night was an abandoned truck. Carl slept in the truck while Rick and Michonne stayed outside of it. Suddenly they were ambushed by Daryl’s new group led by Joe. Joe put a gun to Rick’s head telling him that he had messed up. As we suspected, it was Rick that killed their friend in that house a few episodes back. Michonne and Carl were both restrained by the other men. When Daryl tried to tell Joe that Rick, Carl, and Michonne were good people, Joe accused him of lying. He told the other men to take care of Daryl (remember the punishment for breaking the rules in that group). Joe told Rick that they would take care of Rick, then Michonne, and then finally him.

Rick was able to overpower Joe and bit him in the neck. With blood spewing from his neck, Joe fell to the ground. The group was then able to take down the rest of Joe’s men and Daryl helped after rising from the beating he was taking. More flashbacks of the prison took place as Rick sat bloody on the ground by the truck. The four of them then restarted on the tracks to Terminus.

Michonne tried to talk to Carl who seemed a bit afraid of his dad and the brutality he just witnessed him commit. She told him about the two walkers that she had chained up in the beginning of her journey. She explained to Carl those were her friends (which I think most of us figured).

At Terminus, the group split up on the outside of the fence surrounding the building, rather than walking through the front gate like Glenn’s group did. They made their way inside and were met with a few of the residents. They were asked to set down their weapons and were searched, but were then allowed to keep their weapons with them. One of the men took them outside to get some food being prepared by Mary at the front gate.

Then Rick spotted a pocket watch on the man and asked where he had gotten it – it was Hershel’s watch. This prompted a standoff followed by gunfire. Rick and the group ran throughout the area trying to get away. They came across a room filled with lit candles and writing on the wall regarding not trusting – never again. They headed back outside and after more shots were fired at them, it stopped when the group was told to enter a train car marked with an “A”parked nearby.

Rick and the group were ordered into the car one at a time and Rick had to speak up for them to let Carl enter with him. They all went inside the train car only to find darkness. But then, from the darkness came Glenn, Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Tara, and Abraham’s group with the scientist. Rick made a comment about how silly those Terminus people would feel when they find out they are messing with the wrong people.

The Analysis

This week’s season finale of The Walking Dead answered some questions. We saw more of Terminus and got to see a bit of a reunion between Rick’s group, Daryl, and Glenn’s group. Unfortunately, the reunions were not as good as I had hoped they would be. Now when Daryl emerged as part of Joe’s group and that whole bloody scene took place, I was surprised but happily because I thought this was an excellent scene. However, when Rick’s group saw Glenn’s group in the train car, I was extremely disappointed. It was sort of like “oh hey, you guys are here” and “yea we are, what’s up?” I just did not get that part. I thought they would have been a little happier to see each other especially considering the situation they were all apparently put in together.

The flashbacks were okay – they were all pretty much about Hershel. I am guessing this was due to Rick dealing with his inner demons and knowing that Hershel was always trying to get him to do the right things.

Finally, my thoughts on Terminus are that it was pretty much what I was expecting to this point. Similar to Woodbury we saw some creepy characters and behavior as well as some power-hungry people. But then again, if they want their little “town” to run a certain way, I suppose they will do what they have to in order to make that happen. Next season should show us just how far they will go and what else is happening there. Maybe we will see a Governor-type guy in Terminus too.

What did you think of the season finale of The Walking Dead? Were you as disappointed as I was in the reunions between the groups? Or, maybe I am way off base? Then there is Terminus – that place is sure to bring some great shockers and characters when the show returns next season!