Stephanie McMahon opens the show after last week’s recap of the Daniel Bryan beat down. She explained that people like the fans need to be led by someone like her. Stephanie also called Triple H the most powerful man in the WWE (possibly foreshadowing an eventual Vince McMahon return). Randy Orton is out. Orton asks Stephanie to make Triple H walk away from the title match when he beats Daniel Bryan.

Batista is out. He says that Triple H has never beaten him and he won’t beat him. He then said that Orton is pathetic for coming out to suck up to Triple H and then sucks up to Stephanie. He told Orton to just lean over and drool over her some more. He then said that she has been drooled on before – a lot. Stephanie slapped Batista and stormed off while Randy Orton laughed at Batista. Then Batista speared Orton and raised the titles to celebrate.

Up next is a number one contender match for the Intercontinental title. Alberto Dio, Christian, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus are fighting in a four way (Christian didn’t get an entrance). The winner gets a shot at the title on WWE Main Event this week and Big E is on commentary. No DQ under Fatale 4-Way rules. The fans started chanting “This is Awesome.” The end came when Dolph Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on BOTH Del Rio and Sheamus at the same time, but then Christian hit the Kill Switch for the win. Big E came in to shake Christian’s hand but Christian just laughed at him and walked off.

A Bray Wyatt promo on the Titan Tron came next. John Cena does not know what Bray Wyatt really is.

Sin Cara came out with Scooby Doo (a guy in a Scooby costume). Sin Cara took on Damien Sandow, who didn’t get a ring entrance. Sin Cara squashed Sandow in a horrible match that no one in the audience seemed to care about.

Los Matadores are up next to battle Ryback and Curtis Axel. Neither team got an entrance on TV. The announcers said that Ryback and Curtis Axel won’t be in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal because they are getting a tag team title shot. Rumor has it that Kane gave them the title shot because Ryback helped with the beatdown of The Shield last week on Smackdown.

The Shield showed up and cost Ryback and Axel the match. Then, The Shield attacked after the match. Roman Reigns speared Ryback and then they hit him with the triple powerbomb. It seems to bring things around as Ryback was the first man they regularly attacked when The Shield first arrived.

Michael Cole is in the ring with two chairs and introduces Triple H to come out for an interview. Cole did what he always does, he takes one side so hard that he refuses to even know what he is talking about. Triple H put on a good promo about how the company is not as tough as it used to be and he is going to start the “Reality Era.” He said that the reality is that he will be the new WWE World Champion.

Fandango and Summer Rae are waiting in the ring and his opponent will be Cody Rhodes (Goldust beat Fandango last week). Goldust was mocking Summer Rae at ringside by dancing like a fool. Summer Rae tried to show him how it was done and she hurt her foot and fell. That distracted Fandango and Cody Rhodes hit the Beautiful Disaster kick for the win.

Hulk Hogan is out next! He talked about teaming up with Mr. T at the first Wrestlemania. He then introduced Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello to come to the ring. The fans love Arnold, who namedropped Bruno Sammartino before putting over Hulk Hogan. Arnold asked for two more spots in the Andre the Giant battle royal, which brought out The Miz (“really, really, really”). He said he is a fan of these guys but they are actors who are tough guys on the side, while The Miz is a tough guy who acts on the side. The Miz then said that none of them (Arnold, Manganiello and Hogan) belongs here except for him. Manganiello stood up to him. Miz tried a sucker punch, but Manganiello hit him, Arnold hit him and then Hogan tossed him from the ring.

Titus O’Neill fought The Big Show next. O’Neill got a tiny bit of offense, but Big Show won easily.

Backstage, The Shield approached Triple H and asked where they stand. Triple H said it has nothing to do with him. Stephanie McMahon said they could have The Real Americans tonight and then they would sit down and talk things out. Roman Reigns said that they would, “believe in that.”

In the bathroom, John Cena is washing his face and is jumping at shadows. After the commercial break, Cena came out to the ring. The fans booed Cena and then cheered Bray Wyatt when he came out with Luke Harper. The fans then started chanting “let’s go Harper” during the match. Wow. The match was great and Luke Harper held his own. The match ended when Cena was setting up for the Attitude Adjustment when the lights went out. When they came back on, Cena was tied up in the ring ropes with the goat mask on. Bray Wyatt said it was Cena’s true face and the fans chanted “This is Awesome” as Bray yelled “Follow the Buzzards.”

Naomi came out with Cameron and she took on AJ Lee, who came out with Tamina Snuka. Remember that AJ flipped out last week on Snuka, so things are not going well between the two. This is a Divas title match and AJ Lee took her title and walked off, accepting the countout. That brought out Vickie Guerrero from Smackdown, who was angry about comments that AJ Lee made about her on Friday night.

Vicki said that AJ Lee is a bitch and she will defend her Divas title at Wrestlemania 30 in the Vickie Guerrero Divas Invitational against Naomi, Cameron, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Alicia Fox, Aksana, Eva Marie, Natalya, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae and Tamina Snuka. This brought a smile to Tamina’s face while AJ Lee started to go crazy again.

The final 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee will be Razor Ramon – not Scott Hall, but Razor Ramon.

The Shield are out next for their match against The Real Americans. It will be Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The Shield attacked the Real Americans before they got to the ring. This was an incredible match – just great action. Seth Rollins pinned Jack Swagger with the Piece of Mind. Cesaro attacked Rollins after the match, but Roman Reigns made the save. They hit the triple powerbomb on Cesaro through the announcer’s table. After that, Kane came out with the New Age Outlaws (all in suits) and said they would be fighting at Wrestlemania 30.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are out next. Paul Heyman did his shtick until Brock Lesnar took away the mic and said he is not there to promote the fight, he is there to fight and called out The Undertaker. AWESOME – it is not the gong entrance but the Druid Entrance!!! Brock got tired of waiting and started kicking at the casket. They opened the casket and it was empty. Lesnar closed the casket and went back into the ring.

Lesnar said “he ain’t here to play games.” He said he was leaving and Paul Heyman tried to talk him out of it. Heyman asked why Undertaker called out Lesnar and then sent an empty casket and then the casket lid opened and Undertaker was in it. He rose from the casket and entered the ring. Paul Heyman begged for Lesnar to run but Lesnar attacked Undertaker. Taker got in some big blows and then clotheslined Lesnar out of the ring over the casket and stood tall at the end.