10 years ago, The Grudge received an American release starring Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar. It was directed by the same man who made the original J-horror horror movie Ju-on. The movie was a success, making $187 million worldwide and joined The Ring in the realm of successful J-horror American remakes.

Now, Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert plan to bring The Grudge back through their Ghost House banner. Jeff Buhler, the screenwriter behind the awesome Midnight Meat Train, is working on the script.

While some thought that The Grudge was a solid, and scary movie, I thought it was very overrated and one of the worst J-horror American remakes. Plus, it made Gellar think she was too special to pay back David Boroneaz and appear on the season finale of Angel because she was now a movie star.

Well, her stint as a movie star died quickly and so did The Grudge franchise. However, the Japanese versions were great, so maybe Raimi and company can find a way to make it translate to an American version that is actually scary and not cheesy.

I love Sam Raimi and will follow him anywhere he decides to direct movies (even his Oz movie). As far as his production work, his house produced The Possession and Evil Dead remake, both of which was pretty scary, so there might be hope.

Source: AICN