This week starts with the Contestants entering a laboratory to learn this week’s Spotlight Challenge, to play Mad Scientist and make a human guinea pig/victim. Led to tables to pick their maniacal tools the crew chooses their inspiration:

Graham: Electro-Shock Machine

Chloe: Antique Amputation Saw

Corinne: Leaches

Tyler: Embalming Pump

George: Rib Cage Opener

Daran: Pneumatic Bone Auger

Nico: Antique Hand Drill

Rashaad: Trephine

The group gets to sketching, Rashaad starts stumped and unable to find inspiration in his Mad Scientist tool, the trephine. The rest of the Contestants come up with some truly gruesome concepts, and some great sculpts for this challenge. Tyler and Daran worry about having similar concepts. While the rest start molding, Chloe takes extra care perfecting her sculpture.

On day 2 Tyler is enthusiastic about the flow of his piece, Corinne sees that her work is too subtle compared to the rest of the contestants work and Graham spends some time learning how to incorporate electrical elements into his makeup in the fabrication area. Half way into the day George feels a stabbing pain in his back, the 2 herniated discs in his back act up and he’s forced to stop working. He is worried that he may have to step out of the competition if it worsens. The medic comes with ice packs, and he decides to struggle through and complete his piece. Chloe worries about time management, but manages to get all her pieces molded by end of day.

Application day comes, and the Contestants take extra care to make everything perfect, knowing that anyone could go home at this point in the competition. The paint job will determine a lot this round, since the sculpture work is excellent almost across the board. Corinne is justifiably worried, having clearly not done enough compared to the others. George is struggling with time, having lost much do to the down time with his bad back.

In Judging, Tyler and Graham stand out above the rest. A few paint jobs fall short, lacking depth. Corinne’s piece is disappointing, looking like a simple glue on from a Halloween store. George is satisfied with his work, but his doesn’t stand out, which may be a blessing this round. The judges are offended by Nico’s stolen baby concept, and are amused by Chloe’s black and white concept. They are impressed by Graham’s electrified corpse, but are not by Corinne’s piece, feeling that the leaches don’t really read well.

Safe: Nico, George, Graham, & Tyler

Strongest: Chloe & Daran

Weakest: Rashaad & Corinne

Winner: Daran                                       Voted out: Corinne

I had to disagree this week, I was not nearly as impressed with Daran’s work as the Judges were. I thought that Tyler’s 2 faced concept was better done. Relieved when Corinne was voted out, I thought that they were going to keep her, so it was a surprise. She lacks creativity, and the ability to go grander and outside of her comfort zone. Maybe in time she will learn to be bolder with her concepts. Rashaad I think is on borrowed time, he just isn’t as strong as the other Contestants. This is where the competition starts getting really good, and the work gets more interesting as the weaker Contestants are weeded out. I can’t wait to see what next week will bring, hopefully they will draw more inspiration from being in Japan, instead of concepts that could easily have been done at home.