This week on The Walking Dead, Daryl and Beth found food and shelter while Maggie, Sasha, and Bob continued on their journey.

The Breakdown

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled Alone started off with a flashback of when Bob was originally picked up by Daryl and Glenn. But, reality kicked in when Bob was bit in the shoulder by a walker. He told Maggie and Sasha that it did not break the skin because of his bandage. After the fog cleared, the three had different ideas of what to do or where to go next. Maggie was still set on finding Glenn thinking he may be at Terminus (the safe place near the tracks) while Sasha again objected.

Beth got her leg caught in a trap as Daryl was showing her how to hunt with the crossbow. He helped her along until they came upon a house; it was actually a funeral home. They found the home clean as if it had been kept up by someone and also found food and drinks in the kitchen which also looked clean of dust. They ate and drank knowing that someone may be coming back soon. Later, Beth played piano and sang while Daryl enjoyed listening to her. His feelings for Beth were starting to show.

The next day Sasha and Bob woke up and Maggie was nowhere in sight. Instead, she left them a note and went on her way to find Glenn. She did not want to endanger Sasha and Bob anymore. Bob wanted to catch up to Maggie while Sasha tagged along. Maggie had stabbed a walker on her way to Terminus and used the blood to leave notes on the signs along the railroad tracks telling Glenn to meet her at Terminus. Sasha and Bob saw her notes as they continued along the tracks.

Beth and Daryl were startled by a barking dog at the front door, but worse than that they think the barking is what brought a group of walkers to their door. As Daryl worked to fight them off, he told Beth to head outside while he continued his fight. Once he got away he ran outside to catch up with Beth, but what he saw instead was her bag on the ground as a car went speeding off. Daryl screamed for her to no avail. He began walking in the direction of the car.

After continuing on the tracks and not finding Maggie, Sasha suggested that they take shelter in a large warehouse off the tracks. Bob decided to continue on to look for Maggie, but Sasha decided to stay behind – even after a big, unconvincing kiss from Bob. Sasha went over to the warehouse and upstairs inside. As she was looking around something caught her eye out the window. She pressed a little too hard on the window and it fell to the ground crashing loudly which woke the nearby walkers…and Maggie popped up she had been camouflaged within a group of them.

Sasha ran down the stairs and outside to help Maggie. The two of them fought off the group of walkers and took a breath as Maggie told Sasha that she was waiting for them. Sasha explained that Bob had left to find her. So, the two of them set off to catch up with Bob on the railroad tracks which they did and the three exchanged hugs.

Daryl ended up exhausted and out of luck finding Beth and was just sitting on the railroad tracks when suddenly a group of six men walked up. Daryl got his crossbow and aimed at a man who seemed to be the leader. The group was intimidating, but eventually Daryl put down his crossbow after he and the man named John introduced themselves.

The episode ended when Glenn appeared on the railroad tracks looking at one of the maps leading to Terminus.

The Analysis

There was a little bit more excitement on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. I thought for sure whoever was taking care of the funeral home would show back up while Daryl and Beth were there. So, it was a surprise when instead Beth was taken! I wonder if it will be another new character or someone we have already seen. Better yet, I cannot wait to find out why exactly they took her…but, maybe that will be obvious when we find out who was driving the car.

We also found out that Daryl’s growing feelings for Beth were becoming apparent to even her! Gee, I did not see that one coming (wink), did you?

I was glad to see that Maggie, Sasha, and Bob got back together. The title of the episode was perfect – Alone – those three found out it was better to be together. The opening scene with Bob walking alone was a prelude to his walking alone at the end. And, each time he was joined by members of this group. I thought it was fitting to start and close his part of the episode that way.

Did you enjoy this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Were there any parts that surprised you?