The Breakdown

Fitz and Olivia are fighting like an old married couple. Jake is the focal point of the argument. Fitz doesn’t trust Jake anymore and fells that he is compromised because he is in love with Olivia. Olivia doesn’t want to be the presidents whore (all while buttoning up her dress).

Flashback of the night after Fitz’ father raped Mellie. Fitz wants to know why Mellie will not let him touch her. Andrew (Fitz’ future VP) is outside of the door listening to the argument.


Harrison is sleeping with Adnan. James is on the phone with David. James thinks that he is busted for his Publius texts to Vanessa Chandler. Meanwhile Cyrus wants James to set up a meeting between himself and Vanessa. Cyrus wants to find out who is her source. James thinks that he should talk to her first. Carla Steel is reporting that there was drug use in the governor’s mansion during Fitz’ first term as governor. Olivia is about to squash the rumors when Andrew tells her that the news is true. Jake has been given the highest clearance allowed by the US, he is also given a folder informing him of all B6-13 activity.

Olivia is trying strong-arm Carla not print the story. Carla doesn’t given in as she feels she has adequate proof. Olivia feels that her dad is leaking this information to destroy Fitz. She calls Jake to look into the matter. Jake calls Charlie to handle it. Quinn wants to help Charlie but he will not let her as he promised Jake he would keep her out of B6-13 business.


Flashback of Andrew in the governor’s mansion. He hears moaning from another room and finds Mellie on the floor. Mellie tried to kill herself by swallowing too many pills. Andrew takes her to the bathroom to induce vomit.

Cyrus wants James to hurry up and find out who is Vanessa’s source. James calls David, freaking out once again. James wants to leak a tape to one of David’s bosses. David has a better plan to leak the tape to Carla. Rowan and Olivia are having dinner and Charlie is watching them. Cyrus calls him and asks for a favor. Quinn is watching Charlie. Olivia tries to get her father to confess about trying to ruin Andrew and Fitz. He denies everything and Olivia leaves. While leaving she sees Quinn spying on her. She gets in the car with Quinn and wants her to come back and work with her. Quinn doesn’t want to come back and tells Olivia to get out of her car or she will shoot her.


Cyrus’ favor from Charlie was to clone Vanessa’s cell phone. They can now find out who her source is. James is freaking out yet again because Vanessa wants to meet. Mellie is trying to convince Fitz not to drop Andrew from the ticket. Fitz tells her that he will talk to Olivia. Mellie tries to take the bull by the horns and talk to Olivia herself. Fitz will not have it and he lashes out on Mellie for trying to set Olivia up with men.

Flashback Of Mellie and Andrew talking the day after her failed suicide attempt. Andrew wants to know why she did it. Mellie finally tells him that Fitz’ father had his way with her.


Olivia got the journalist to drop the story about the drugs. She also tells Mellie that what she had with Andrew needs to stop. Flashback Mellie and Andrew alone in the governor’s mansion they admit that they miss each other but do not sleep together. 

Fitz tells Cyrus that he doesn’t want anything to do with Hollis Doyle and that they will not be taking any money from him. Cyrus tells James that he is about to find out who Publius is. James calls David to tell him not to meet Vanessa. David doesn’t get the message, as  he is walking to the meeting place he is thrown in the trunk of a car.

David calls Abby to let her know that he has been kidnapped. The car stops and Abby and Huck open up the trunk. Abby saved David from Charlie. Charlie tells Cyrus that Publius was a no-show. Adnan introduces herself to Cyrus and wants to donate money to the campaign. Jake talks to Quinn about following Rowan and getting into B6-13 business. Quinn sends him pictures of Rowan and Leo meeting, proving that she can accomplish more than his cronies. Andrew and Mellie kiss, afterwards Mellie runs out of the room.  Olivia meets with Fitz in the oval office. Fitz wants to know if she loves Jake. Olivia tells him that she doesn’t know. One of Jake’s men deliver a flash-drive to him of the entire conversation that Fitz and Olivia just had. Adnan gets back to her hotel room and someone asks “Are we in”. Adnan tells the woman “yes”. The person asking is Olivia’s mom.


The Analysis 

Well it’s about time Momma Pope showed up, I was thinking they forgot about her. Next week we are promised a bombshell. I will hold off any comments for next weeks show. All in all I think this may have been one of Scandal’s weakest shows to date.