This week’s episode of NXT television sees a recap of last week’s historic live NXT: Arrival. They also showed John Cena congratulating Adrian Neville after his big NXT title win last week.


Adrian Neville vs. Camacho

This is awesome because the first people we get to see is NXT Champion Adrian Neville and his opponent is a former Smackdown superstar Camacho (his partner Hunico is Sin Cara right now). The match is short and kind of boring as Camacho is not that exciting, but Neville hit the Red Tornado for the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville (* ½)

Rene is in the ring to interview Adrian Neville after the match. He mentions how he has been wrestling for 10 years all over the world but winning last week was the most amazing night of his life. He said he is not typical, is not the biggest, and he looks like a crazy elf man with a crazy accent that is hard for anyone to understand. He said you can question how he talks and looks but you can’t question his wrestling. He said the best thing about last week is there is no more Bo.

That brought out Bo Dallas. He said congratulations for doing what no man in the world has ever been able to do, beat him. He said he always taught his Bo-lievers to be good sports, but Neville didn’t pin him and he was going to cash in his rematch clause and it will once again be Bo-time.

From last week, Emma was being interviewed after her loss to Paige and said she was satisfied and moving on. Then Ric Flair interrupted the interview and said that he respected Emma but the Diva of the future is his daughter Charlotte. That is when Charlotte showed up and said that if Emma needs anyone to cry to, she is there for her. Emma made Charlotte flinch, walked off and Flair laughed that his daughter was great in that promo. Then there was an interview with Paige and Flair interrupted it too. He said that Paige was awesome and the Diva of the future, but his daughter Charlotte was the person who would take the title from Paige. The two went face to face after the match.


Emma vs. Charlotte w/Sasha Banks

Charlotte and Sasha Banks are part of the BFF faction, which is led by Summer Rae. Sasha had a photo of Summer Rae on a stick that she was carrying around ringside. The end came when Charlotte faked an ankle injury and then, when Emma’s back was turned, hit a flipping bulldog DDT for the win. They are calling Charlotte the “Dirtiest Diva in the Game,” a spin on her dad’s slogan.

Winner: Charlotte

Sami Zayn was interviewed last week about his loss to Cesaro. He wouldn’t say what Cesaro said to him after their match last week but he got what he wanted out of the match.


Yoshi Tatsu vs. Corey Graves

Of course, Yoshi Tatsu is the former WWE ECW wrestler and Corey Graves is a former NXT tag team champion. Before the match, Graves cut a promo about not being at NXT: Arrival last week and is now stuck wrestling a guy who thinks he still has what it takes to be a WWE superstar. He then said that Sami Zayn hasn’t won a match in a long time bur people are still talking him. Graves said he could beat Cesaro if he got one shot and feels bad he has to wrestler Tatsu, who has never been relevant. Graves then said it was a waste of his time and started to walk out. Yoshi Tatsu went after him, but Graves leveled him and threw him into the ring steps. Tatsu was counted out, giving Graves the win. After the match, Graves attacked Tatsu and locked in the Lucky 13 submission hold until Sami Zayn made the save. After the match, Sami Zayn said all he has to do is ask and he will fight him tonight.

Winner: Corey Graves (** ½) – my star ratings are not about work quality but about entertainment value.

Up next is a promo with Devin Taylor from a party from last week about the soon to debut Adam Rose. After that, there was a recap of Alexander Rusev at NXT: Arrival last week. There is also an interview with Xavier Woods from last week after Rusev attacked him and Woods issued a challenge. Then there was an interview with Rusev and Lana.


Adam Rose vs. Wesley Blake

Rose was accompanied by his party goers who carried him around the ring and then Rose just danced around the ring. The fans chanted “This is Awesome.” Rose was incredibly fun to watch. He taunted Blake throughout the match and then when Blake hit him, Rose yelled “You want to fight?” and then charged in and speared Blake and started delivering non-stop elbows and knee strikes. Then Rose backed up and hit a HUGE lariat for the win. Rose didn’t show a lot of moves, but he was hugely entertaining.

Winner: Adam Rose (** ½)

NXT General Manager JBL scheduled Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves as the main event.


Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves

This ended up being a great main event and both guys looked great. With Sami Zayn doing so well last week against Cesaro, this helped make Graves look like a main event star too. The end came after Graves was working on Zayn’s knee for his submission hold, but Zayn reversed out of it and wrapped up Graves in a small package for the win.

Winner: Sami Zayn (***)