GCPDArguably the only thing on DCs horizon that may be any good is the Gotham TV series which Fox is bringing to series this year. Of course, it’s Fox so lower your standards, kids- we know what they like to do to good shows. (The answer is cancel them! silly). And we are all refreshing our browsers, and checking our r/Batman subreddits to get the latest casting news. Well, this week was a big one, so let’s get right down to it, shall we.

Drew Powell, most notably from Malcolm in the Middle, is tagged to play a non-cannon character Butch Gilzean – the second in command to big-time Gotham Mob Boss, Fish Mooney. Most likely Butch is created so Fox could get a few Simoleons from the toy-line that is going to surely be revealed come Christmas. I kid, everyone knows when you have a Mob Boss you need a 2IC for whom to converse with and ultimately annoy to the point of turning on him in later seasons.

Burying the “big” in Big Time, we get to the casting of two characters we all hope will end up being minor characters, young orphaned Bruce Wayne, and young street urchin Selina Kyle. Each will one day grow up to be Batman and Catwoman, respectively. Enter, badly written pop music cues playing over rain soaked window panes as these two moping their way through their unfortunate lives.

David Mazouz, of the Fox cancelled Tim Kring series Touch, will play the teenaged brooding one, Bruce Wayne. And over across the tracks a relative newcomer, Camren Bicondova, will be bouncing from boarding house to boarding house and picking the pockets of the bourgeois, as Selina Kyle.

Here’s hoping that this doesn’t turn out to be Muppet Babies in Gotham and sneak up on us as another Smallville, with all the great characters coming back and taking Secondary School together. Oh, young Joker, probably played by Michael Rosenbaum in heavy make-up, and a skinny Penguin getting picked on (skinny because who wants fat people on TV?).

In all truth, Gotham is shaping up to potentially being some damn fine TV, and as a fan of the Gotham Central comic, as well as the Chuck Dixon series GCPD, this writer is setting his TVShows app to download in HD. Yeah, that’s right, HD!

James C.