The Breakdown

A wandering homeless man is roaming the street. A passerby stops and helps him. Red talks to a man about finding a woman named Lucy Brooks who is now going by the name of Jolene Parker. (The woman Tom ran away with) Red doesn’t want to know where she is (as he already knows that) but he wants to know where she has been. Red talks to Lizzie about the newest case “the judge” who is hired by criminals that have been wronged and evens the score. Red also tells Lizzie that the wandering homeless guy is former DA Mark Hastings that was abducted 12 years ago.

The FBI pulls up a file on a man named Frank Gordon who worked at the prison book depository in Monroe, VA. They go to the basement of a prison to find Mr. Gordon, who isn’t there. Ressler grabs a flashlight and looks around. The lights go out and Lizzie asks Ressler is he ok. Ressler gets punched by Gordon and drops the flashlight.

The Judge

Lizzie meets with a man named Alan Rifkin that is being given the death penalty. He tells her that he didn’t confess he was forced to a confession. Lizzie tells Cooper that he may be a target of the judge. Cooper dismisses her claims. Tom and Jolene are about to get busy when a kid walks in on them. Gordon tells a man on the phone that if Rifkin is executed then they have to go forward with the plan to kill Cooper and Connolly. Tom apologizes and Jolene walks out of the bathroom they are in. Jolene walks back in and gives Tom the key card to her hotel room. Lizzie meets with the marshal that was on the transport with Rifkin. He tells Lizzie that Cooper beat Rifkin to get a confession out of him. The man who Red hired to track down Jolene has found out that she has lots of ID, passports and foreign money. He feels that she is going after a lot of small targets or one big one.

Lizzie confronts Cooper again about Rifkin. Colley is with Cooper as well. Cooper finally admits that he beat a confession out of Rifkin. Lizzie does everything in her power to try to have the court hear Rifkin’s case with the real transfers records. Lizzie is too late Rifkin gets executed by lethal injection. Cooper and Connelly leave the execution and find that their bodyguards are dead beside their cars. A white van pulls up and kidnaps Cooper and Connolly.

The Judge

Gordon introduces Cooper and Connolly to the Judge who is a woman. The same woman who was standing by Rifkin’s side (as spiritual advisor) while he was executed. She asks them how to they plea. Connolly says not guilt. The judge pauses for a minute and says guilty. Lizzie calls Red for help on the case and Red tells her to pay attention to Rifkin. Lizzie gets a court order to talk to Hastings, who still hasn’t spoken a word since he has been freed. Lizzie meets Hastings and he doesn’t say a word. When Lizzie is about to leave, Hastings says “good night mother”. This is the same phrase that Rifkin says before he is executed. Lizzie pieces this information together which leads her to Ruth Kipling (the spiritual adviser of Rifkin). Lizzie figures out that the marshal she talked to earlier told Kipling the truth about Rifkin and his confession.

Lizzie and the FBI find the hideout where Cooper is. Lizzie sends in Red to explain to the judge what really happened. Red has a file from the pentagon that states that Rifkin and the taliban burned down a village. Red gets the judge to surrender and let her prisoners go. Back at the FBI site, Red talks to Cooper to have him put in a good word for the guy that helped Red get the file from the pentagon. Tom goes to the hotel room of Jolene and has second thought about having sex with her. Tom tells Jolene that he loves Lizzie. Jolene tells Tom that she is your target not you’re wife. Tom tells Jolene that he told her that he loves Lizzie because that is what he is supposed to be.

The Judge

The Analysis 

I hate these false promises from the blacklist. First we where going to find out if Red was Lizzie’s father, then we were told that all our questions will be answered. Here we know nothing more now than we did in the series premiere. Now we are finally going to see what the deal is with Tom…In 2 weeks of course.