The Breakdown

Joe, Mandy and Emma go to another cult for safe haven. At the entrance they are told to humble themselves and that they are the followers now. Mendez believes Ryan that Joe is still alive. Mendez wants Ryan’s help to find out who in the FBI helped Joe switch his DNA. Mike tells Ryan that he is leaving the FBI. Mike feels that he can’t control himself anymore. Joe, Emma and Mandy are forced to take off the clothes they have on and change into white gowns. Max tells Ryan that she is suspended for 6 months. Ryan tells her that he won’t stop chasing Carroll, he even gave up drinking in order to have a clear head to pursue Carroll. Max sees a man and boy fighting and goes to break it up. It appears that Max was set up, the man chloroform her and the boy records Max’s kidnapping.

Lilly sends Ryan the video of Max’s abduction. Michael is the leader of the cult that Joe has gone too.  Joe wants to refuse but also wants to help Micheal in his cause. Ryan goes back to the FBI to help find Max. Mike is also there to help their efforts. Ryan is pleading his case to Mendez to let him see Luke to try and make him talk. The FBI gets a picture of the man who took Max from a street light camera. The man who took Max has her hanging in a room. He sees her tattoo and shows her a few of his own. (cut out from other women)


Ryan sees Luke at the hospital to try and find out who is the man in the photo. Luke tells him that his name is Kurt and goes by the name of the huntsman. The huntsman is a serial killer who kills hookers. The FBI gets a full name (Kurt Boller) and goes to raid his house. Joe gets put through a lie detector test by one of the women of the cult. The FBI raids the house and only finds Kurt’s wife. She tells them that her husband is out of town on business. A boy runs down the stairs to see what is going on. It’s the boy who took the video of Max.

Mike and Ryan figure out that whoever shot the video was shorter than Max. They think the son did it. They go to the boy’s room to get him to talk. The boy says that his dad only kills hookers and that he gives them what they deserve.  After locking the door and handcuffing the kid, he tells them that his dad has a cabin in the woods. Joe passes his lie detector test. The woman tells Michael and he is unbelievably happy. Max is trying to get Kurt to hunt her like he normally does. He doesn’t take the offer as he is being paid to kill her now. Max wraps her legs around Kurt, breaks free from her hanging position and runs to the woods. Kurt grabs his bow and chases Max into he woods.


The FBI gets to the cabin and doesn’t find anyone there. Ryan sees a camera and notices that the film is blank, so Max is still alive. Ryan orders the FBI to release the dogs. Mike finds Max, Kurt also sees Mike and is about to shoot him. Kurt ends up getting shot himself. Back at the compound. Emma, Joe and Mandy are going through another trial, which they are told they may like. Micheal says that this ritual is to cleanse the body. He wants volunteer’s and everyone in the crowd wants to be chosen. Micheal picks out Emma. Emma is taken to an altar and Joe tells them to take him instead. Micheal’s cronies hold Joe down so that he can not stop them. Micheal cuts Emma’s wrist and her blood pours into a vat, which is collected in a cup that Micheal drinks from. Emma goes unconscious.

Joe goes off on the female cult member for sacrificing Emma. Joe is told that Emma is still alive. Ryan gets another video from Lilly. Lilly tells Ryan sorry for his lost, as she thinks that Max is dead. Mike recognizes the house in the video it is of his dad’s. Lilly puts a knife to Mike’s dad’s throat and slices it. Lilly tells them that this is retaliation for Mike’s involvement in Luke (so-called) death. Mike runs out side and starts crying. Ryan follows him.


The Analysis  

It just got personal. For Mike and Joe they got people they cared about harmed in this episode. As for Joe he is not going to take this lying down. If he didn’t have a plan to take advantage of this cult he will now.