This week on The Walking Dead viewers were introduced to some new characters, Carl and Michonne did a little bonding, Glenn embarked on a mission, and Rick survived on his own.

The Breakdown

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled Claimed started with Glenn and Tara in the back of the truck driven by the small group who made an appearance last week. Glenn was still unconscious while Tara tried to pay attention to the surroundings. The truck stopped and walkers approached. As Tara held her gun to fire, the driver of the truck named Sargent Ford told her to stop and killed the walkers himself. Tara noticed that he seemed to almost enjoy it.

Back in the neighborhood, Rick, Carl, and Michonne decided it was time for more supplies. Michonne and Carl headed out to scout the area for food and other items while Rick stayed in the house to rest.

the walking Dead

Carl and Michonne bonded over shared grief. Carl had thought about Judith back at the house earlier that morning and Michonne told Carl about her little boy Andre. The two continued to hunt for supplies while Carl continued to ask Michonne questions about her past. She agreed to answer one question at a time as they searched a home.

While Rick was trying to rest, he was disturbed when he heard voices arguing. He quickly hid under the bed he had been resting on when one of the men came upstairs to lay down on the bed. Another man soon entered the room and after some arguing one killed the other while Rick continued to hide.

the walking Dead

Glenn finally woke up and Tara explained that they had passed the bus from the prison. Fearful yet hopeful that he could find Maggie, Glenn ordered Ford to stop the truck. Ford explained who his companions were – one of them a scientist. He further explained that they were taking the scientist to Washington D.C. because the scientist claimed that he knew what caused everything. Glenn continued with his plan to search for Maggie while Ford tried to stop him. Walkers ended up approaching and the truck was shot in the all of the gunfire. After fixing the truck was a lost cause, Glenn, Tara, Ford, and Ford’s friends (Eugene the scientist and Rosita) ended up walking with Glenn in hopes of finding another vehicle.

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As the killer slept, Rick snuck out from under the bed. As he tried to get out of the house without being noticed by the other men in the group, Rick ran into one of them. He killed the man, took his weapon, and escaped out of the window before any others could notice him. Commotion soon ensued as the dead man inside turned into a walker, but Rick got away just in time to see Carl and Michonne on their way back. He warned them and the three ran down the road. They soon ended up on the railroad tracks as some of the other survivors had last week. They then saw a sign for the safe place ahead and continued on towards it.

The Analysis

This week’s episode explained the new characters from last week and I find it to be an interesting turn in the story. A scientist who knows why all of this happened? I am definitely intrigued and wondering if he will be sharing that information with Glenn and Tara.

I wonder if the men from the house that Rick was in will reappear later or if they were all killed by the walker. Either way, it was a great part of the episode. Rick hiding under the bed and then seeing the man stare right into his eyes before he died at the hands of his “friend” was a bit chilling for Rick, I believe.

the walking Dead

The story with Michonne’s past has also been a big part of the show since the mid-season break. I think it really helps us to understand her character more by getting a glimpse into what makes her tick. Maybe they will run into someone from her past. What are your thoughts?

Then there is Carl – the angry kid. It is certainly understandable, but I have a feeling it is going to cause some bit of trouble in a future episode. Perhaps finding out that Judith is still alive will be the thing he needs to snap out of it. However, I do not know when or if that will happen. I have a good feeling it will, but this show is always full of surprises!

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