The WWE held their final pay-per-view event before the WWE Network launches tonight with The WWE Elimination Chamber. Without any further ado, let’s get the Elimination Chamber recap started.

There was one Kickoff match before the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV started and that saw Cody Rhodes and Goldust take on Curtis Axel and Ryback. For those who don’t know, Axel is from Minneapolis where his father Mr. Perfect and grandfather Larry “The Axe” Hennig were stars. With that said, The Axe came to the ring with his son for the match. It didn’t matter as Goldust and Cody Rhodes won the match when Cody pinned Axel with the Cross Rhodes.

The first match on the actual WWE Elimination Chamber PPV is the Intercontinental title match between champion Big E and Jack Swagger. Big E looked great in the match and Swagger was game as well, but Big E won with the Big Ending to retain his title.

The second match was another title match, this one for the WWE tag team titles. The New Age Outlaws ended up beating The Usos to hold on to their titles, an unsurprising finish as the titles are likely to change hands tomorrow night on “WWE Monday Night Raw” before the official WWE Network launch.

Titus O’Neil beat his former Prime Time Players partner Darren Young in the next match.

Probably my most anticipated match of the entire night was next as The Shield took on The Wyatt Family. The fans were chanting “ths is awesome” before the match even started and the match was very, very good – as expected. Also, as expected, the Wyatt Family won but surprisingly Bray Wyatt actually pinned Roman Reigns for the win after taking out both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

AJ Lee fought Cameron in an impromptu Divas title match next and lost by DQ but kept her title.

Batista and Alberto Del Rio was up next and Batista beat Del Rio as expected. The crowd is being completely unreasonable by booing Batista so bad. It wasn’t his fault the WWE has put Daniel Bryan on the shelf, but he is getting the brunt of the boos as a result. It is just bad form by the WWE fans, taking out their frustration on someone who is just doing his job.

The main event of the WWE Elimination Chamber was for the WWE World Championship title, inside the Elimination Chamber. The champion Randy Orton battled John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Christian, Sheamus and Cesaro. Some thought Christian was going to be pulled from the match, but he was in it.

Not only was Christian in it, but he pinned Sheamus to eliminate him from the match. Of course, that was all for him as Daniel Bryan quickly eliminates him with the running knee to pin Captain Charisma. The next elimination was Cesaro who actually tapped out to John Cena and the STF. Then shenanigans happens because The Wyatt Family’s music starts and the lights go out. When they come back on, The Wyatt Family are in the ring and take out Cena when the Sister Abigail. This allows Randy Orton to pin John Cena.

This leaves Randy Orton against Daniel Bryan. Kane comes out to get John Cena but Daniel Bryan hits him with a big knee. Bryan looked like he was about to win the match when he hit the running knee on Orton but Kane had come to and pulled the referee out of the ring. Orton hits the RKO but Bryan kicks out. Just when it looked like Bryan was going to come back and win, Kane hit a cheap shot on Bryan and Orton hit a second RKO and got the pin to win the match.

Now, fans might not be happy to see Daniel Bryan get screwed again, the fact is that a win at the WWE Elimination Chamber is not enough for Daniel Bryan at this point. The only thing that will really make fans happy and put Bryan over is for him to get into the main event at Wrestlemania 30 and finally win there. That would make him the actual Face of the WWE.

Overall, the WWE Elimination Chamber was a great PPV with some very, very good matches – the six man with the Wyatts and Shield being the best.