New Stephen King news has bee fast and furious this week and this latest news makes me a little more excited about Cell than The Ten O’Clock People. The disappointing news is that Jay Baruchel has replaced Justin Long as the lead in The Ten O’Clock People.

Now, it isn’t that I don’t like Jay Baruchel, but he is more a comic actor than a serious one and I don’t think I like the direction that The Ten O’Clock People might be headed with Baruchel taking the lead.

The Ten O’Clock People is about a man who decides to quit smoking, but when he does he starts to see aliens who have infiltrated the world, something only those who have quit smoking can actually see. It’s like They Live with cigarettes instead of sunglasses. I can’t help but think that Baruchel’s arrival means the movie will take a more satirical look.

I just have to remember that I have faith in Tom Holland, who directed Child’s Play and isn’t a newcomer to Stephen King adaptations.

As for Cell, John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson remain set to star, which is awesome because their last Stephen King movie, 1408, was a fantastic ghost movie. The new news for Cell is that Isabelle Fuhrman (the creepy girl from Orphan) and the legendary Stacy Keach have joined the cast,

The Ten O’Clock People starts shooting this summer and Cell is already shooting in Atlanta.

Source: Variety / THR