Kevin Smith announced recently that he was going to make a horror anthology called Comes the Krampus and now he has revealed that he will shoot the movie in April, which means he is once again postponing Clerks 3.

“Nobody but me can make a CLERKS film,” Smith said in a Reddit AMA. “But ANYONE can make a Krampus picture. So before anyone else does, I figured it’s time to keep moving forward: we’re gonna shoot COMES THE KRAMPUS in April, before CLERKS III.”

He has a point. He created the world of Clerks, and while lots of lazy indie filmmakers just tried to ape his movie with their own slacker efforts, Smith is the only one who can really bring this world to life. While there are a ton of indie slacker films, there is only one View Askew Universe and it is the characters that people return for.

Fans will return for Clerks 3 whenever Kevin Smith brings it to them.

However, Comes the Krampus is Smith’s movie that’s closest description is a Creepshow-styled horror anthology geared around Christmas. Much like Tusk, which Smith is promoting as the best movie he has ever made, the idea for Comes the Krampus originated during his podcast episodes.

While I am disappointed that Clerks 3 has been postponed, I will say I am happy that Kevin Smith has found his love for making movies again and has reconsidered his retirement. He said that as long he can make movies no one has ever made before, he will keep making movies when ideas come to him.

Are you excited about Comes the Krampus? Are you disappointed that Clerks 3 has been postponed? Let’s talk Kevin Smith in the comment section.

Source: Reddit