Marvel has only announced one movie so far for its Phase 3 start, and that is the Ant-Man movie hitting in July 2015. Marvel has locked up release dates through at least 2017 and it sounds like one of the first ones will be a surprising sequel. JoBlo reported that a “reliable source” told them that the Phase 3 Marvel movie for May 2016 will be the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.

That is actually a pretty big shock to me.

With Ant-Man coming out in 2015 to start the new line of movies, I thought the first one in 2016 would be either the Doctor Strange movie that is supposed to kick off the next big Marvel hero or a more familiar sequel, such as Thor 3 or Captain America 3, which we learned last week are at least in development.

With Guardians of the Galaxy not even out yet, and still in my eyes the riskiest proposition Marvel has made so far, already planning a sequel for it seems risky. What if Guardians flops at the box office? The fact is that really no one outside of major hardcore comic book fans knows anything about the group and a gun wielding raccoon will sell itself to some hardcore action fans, but not really the mainstream movie fans that Marvel needs to make a movie a huge success.

Maybe Marvel’s success makes them feel bulletproof or maybe James Gunn just knocked it out of the park with his movie and they are just this excited about it.

Marvel has announced that they will release one familiar movie and one new movie each year from now on. This year it is Captain America: The Winter Soldier (familiar) and Guardians of the Galaxy (new). In 2015, it is Ant-Man (new) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (familiar). Now, it sounds like 2016 will see the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel (familiar), so that makes me think that Doctor Strange will be the second movie.

At least that’s my guess. And, as always, these are just rumors so they could change at any time.

Are you surprised to hear that a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel might be in the works? Chime in below.

Source: JoBlo