Renegade Cinema is proud to be working with the Comicpalooza Texas International Comic Con this year and we will be at the three-day event in full strength. Comicpalooza just announced on March 18 that Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and the Furious) has also been added to the guest list for this year’s big event.

While at the event, I will be personally hosting a Stephen King dollar baby film festival, which will stretch over all three days of the convention, and a number of dollar baby filmmakers will be attendance as well.

However, while I will be hard at work with that endeavor, don’t think for a second I won’t be catching other things at the convention as well, including guests like Michelle Rodriguez, who joins big names like Avery Brooks (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Sam Huntington (Being Human), Peter Davison (Doctor Who), and many members of past and present Battlestar Galactica casts.

GalactiCon 3 will combine forces with Comicpalooza this year and former cast members in attendance include Edward James Olmos, Jamie Bamber, Tricia Helfer, Michael Hogan, Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, and more.

Also, for comic book fans, both Bob Layton (Demon in a Bottle) and Chris Claremont (The X-Men) will be in attendance.

For more information, including a complete list of events, guests, admission prices and schedules, visit