The Breakdown

Ryan wakes up to a bad dream in which he shots and stabs Joe. Mike found out that Ryan was at the crime scene. Mike presses him to find out what he took. Ryan says just a bunch of junk of Carlos and a Carroll mask. Mark has Carlos call Emma, Carlos is hesitant but he does it anyway. Emma wants to know if Joe is still alive. Judy is upset that Carroll killed the preacher. Judy thought that she had changed Joe.  Joe feels otherwise. Judy was a pen pal of Joe while he was in prison. She wrote letters to him declaring her love for him but never wanted the cult life.

Joe intended to leave at nightfall. Amanda tells Joe that they can bury the reverend and go on as if nothing every happened. Ryan comes home and see that his placed had been disturbed. He pulls out his fire arm, heads to the back room and finds Mike is in his Carroll room. Mike wants to know what in the hell is he doing.

Trust Me

Ryan tells Mike about his theory that Joe is still alive and may have used his half brother’s body to pose as his during the lighthouse. Emma meets Mark and almost kills him. Amanda expresses she doesn’t want Joe to leave as she doesn’t have a father. Judy tries to shoot Joe once his back is turned.  Joe took all of the bullets out of her gun. Joe grabs and strangles her, when Amanda runs out of the trailer begging for her mother’s life. Joe let’s go and walks away.

Mark tells Emma that Carlos knows that Joe is alive and Rodrick had plans to switch his DNA. He also tells Emma that they are doing the murders in order to get Joe out of hiding. Emma says that she is with 7 of Joe’s followers. Emma decides to join him on his quest to find Joe and meet his group. The FBI raid a house that Emma was seen going in. Mike and Mendez kill most of the followers but don’t find Emma. Ryan is told by the Mendez to leave if he had nothing to help them with the case. Ryan says he doesn’t have anything to offer but doesn’t want to leave. The FBI threatens to have him arrested of he doesn’t.

Trust Me

Ryan is walking outside of Lilly’s house and Ryan gets Lilly to let him in. Ryan tells Lilly about Claire and how he lost it after she died. Mark brings Emma to Luke and Giselle. Joe ties up Judy and Joe goes looking for his knife. Mandy has it and her mother screams to stab Joe. Mandy however has other plans and kills her mom. Mandy really doesn’t want Joe to leave. Mark questions if Emma should stay. Emma says that she is Joe’s number two. Carlos pleads his case that he picked Joe up after the lighthouse incident. Mark then stabs Carlos and Giselle is pissed because she wanted to kill Carlos. Luke says that he’s still breathing and she can finish him off.

Ryan has Mike pull up footage from the subway incident while at Lillie’s art gallery. Ryan notices Lilly doesn’t get on the first train that pulled up. Ryan thinks she is apart of the cult. Lilly kills one of her agents that are to protect her and leaves the art gallery.  Lilly puts on shades and a wig, taser a cop and leaves the scene. Lilly calls someone with a cell she picked up on the street telling the person at the other end “they know and to meet her at a church”. Lilly calls Ryan to find out how he knew. Lilly feels that Ryan was going to be her gift to Joe and she failed. Lilly gets in a car with Luke and she tells him to drive, he replies “yes mother” and pulls off.

Trust Me

Joe pours gas all over the trailer with Amanda’s help. Mandy says that she won’t disappoint Joe. Giselle gets a call and her, Emma and Mark have to leave. Amanda says a prayer for her mom and the reverend, burn down the trailer park and leave.

The Analyst 

I would like to apologize to everyone that read the first two recaps of the following. I had not watched the show (for season 1) and figured I could come and do a good recap. I was wrong, however after an incident happened, I was able to spent time over the last few days watching all of season 1 and re-watching season 2. This show is much more in-depth that I had thought.

Carroll’s new cult is very inept compared to his last. This new cult doesn’t have a sense of identity yet. as was shown from the FBI raiding the townhouse Emma was seen going in and out of. When the FBI raided it the first thing I noticed that a few of them had guns. The core members of the first sect never used guns in fact Carroll didn’t particular use one until the endings of S1. It will be interesting to see how this will change, if Joe is ever reunited with Emma and the newbies. Also since the 2nd book has been finished will Carroll be trying to write a third? What will his motivation be going forward? Outside of killing Ryan.