It seems that whenever James Mangold does an interview for The Wolverine, he does his best to prepare us for the kind of movie he’s making. He already gave us a list of the films that inspired his vision for the project a few weeks ago, and he has spoken about the influence that the Chris Claremont story, “The Japan Saga,” has on this film. Here’s the quote:

“The graphic novel is so adventurous. It plunges into these ideas of destiny, honour and revenge – as opposed to your standard superhero sagas, which are generally about some gigantic villain out to destroy the Earth, a city or a football stadium. Japan’s such an exotic location, in the sense that language and culture play such a huge role in the movie. Usually you don’t find that at all in these kinds of films. To be staking out our own ground and be saying something unique was really liberating for me.”

There’s a lot of truth to what he says about the usual things we see in superhero movies. Too often the villains are one-dimensional and they just want to either rule the earth, destroy it, or seize some kind of ultimate power. I especially like the idea of the themes he’s bringing up here. That’s another thing that superhero movies don’t really have enough of. Granted, even though Mangold seems intent on avoiding the normal cliches, we’ll see some of the usual superhero tropes in The Wolverine. After all, the protagonist of the movie is a man who can heal from any injury and has metal claws coming out of his hands. There will have to be some elements of fantasy there.

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Source: Comic Book Movie