In some great news, Bryan Singer will bring back Daniel Cudmore as Colossus for X-Men: Days of Future Past. While people who only know Colossus from the movies probably don’t know the importance of this casting, but the fans of the comics will know immediately how important Colossus is, especially when Singer announced that Ellen Page was one of the early cast members to return, playing Kitty Pride.

In the comics, Kitty Pride traveled back from the future to try to stop the assassination of a U.S. Senator that led to a dystopian future where giant robots called Sentinels hunted down and killed all mutants. However, one of the most touching things about this decision by Pride, and one that showed how much she was risking, was her relationship with Colossus.

In the comics, Kitty and Colossus married and had children in the future, only to see the Sentinels kill their children and most of their friends. While they both wanted to change the past so the future would not happen, they also feared that it might cause them to never fall in love, and therefore by killing the danger of the future, they might also kill the love they shared as well.

It is not known if Singer will include that in his movie, but with the signing of Colossus, that gives him a chance to add the heart that the original storyline possessed.

Source: Twitter