This week’s episode opens with Bo leaned over a sink in front of a mirror, blood splattered on her face and the voices of her friends arguing with her over Rayner. Rayner enters, comforting Bo with the words, “It had to be done, they didn’t give us a choice”.

Following this a female executive (Diana) takes a refreshing swim, that winds up less than refreshing, when her legs disappear as she gets out of the pool. Her thighs ending in bloody stumps.

Kenzi convinces Lauren and Dyson to take the case with her, to reveal the mystery of the missing legs at Alaria Tech Biometrics, also revealing that Bo has kicked them all out of her life for now.


Bo, shacking up with Rayner, expresses doubt about whether what they did was right, leaving the viewer with the knowledge that this is another nonlinear episode. Her memories are back, but she hopes to understand what it all means before she talks to her friends and family. This leads into the start of a memory sequence of what really happened on the mystery train. Bo confronts Rayner for the first time, he has no memory of what he has done to be cursed, only that he remembers the power he once had, a precognitive ability to see his opponent’s next move.

Meanwhile Kenzi shows off her Shadow Thief skills, as the client explains the case. She tells them to investigate Daren Claire, head of product development at Alaria. Sending Kenzi in as an Efficiency Expert and Dyson in as a Mail Clerk, in a building that monitors heat signatures. Being warned that they must stay calm or big brother would be alerted, they hack into the system so they too can monitor heat signatures, including their own.


Kenzi breaks into a secret lab, finding none other than tanks filled with legs, and Dyson checks out the corporate pool. Sending kelp found in the salt water pool to Lauren, and finding a pearl in the filtration system.

Lauren analyzing the pearl reveals its not a pearl, but a crystallized salt deposit. Dyson alarmed, says they should drop the case, that they are working with the psychopaths of the sea, mermaids. Kenzi excited by the mermaid revelation, insists they continue.

Digging up the dirt on Alaria, Kenzi finds a file of stalker like letters, saying that the sender is coming for Daren, prompting her to dig deeper. Kenzi then gets caught in the lab by Daren, finding out that he himself is a merman, and that the letters and the pearls are from his sister Dominique. He says the pearls are a threat to kill him, and that she was the one to take Diana’s legs in the pool. Lauren and Dyson then set a trap in the pool to capture the renegade mermaid sister.


Interwoven in the episode are  Bo’s memories on the train with Rayner, how they grew closer and fell in love. Bo finds a butterfly under a specimen glass, she sees a flash of a memory of her as a child holding a dead butterfly and crying. She then lifts the glass from the butterfly on the train, touches it, and it flutters back to life. Rayner seeing this says, “It is… you.”  He, not wanting to, tries to force her to leave at the next stop. Bo refuses, then lays out a plan of clues to lead her back to the train and Rayner, knowing that her memory would be gone once she leaves. The Jar with Munin, the Songstress, and knowing she would never truly go to the dark fae, a contract aligning her to the dark.

Lauren and Dyson talk with the captured mermaid, who demands legs so she can get to her brother Daren. She claims that he abandoned her, promising to come back after the mermaid version of rumspringa, but he chooses to live as a human after finding a way to keep his legs, leaving her behind. Crying, her tear turns to a pearl, then handing it to Lauren she says that being the 18th pearl she’s suffered enough to take a life. She then reveals they have another sister, who is the one she intends to kill, the sister being Diana, the executive who hired them.


Daren and Diana capture Kenzi, Diana threatening to take her legs for herself. Dyson and Lauren bring Dominique, the finned sister to them, who pleads for Daren and Diana to come home. They convince her instead that the girls take Kenzi and Lauren’s legs and remain. Lauren seeing a vial with wilted kelp realizes that fresh water kills, grabs a hose and thwarts the mermaid’s plans, rescuing Kenzi, and saving all their appendages from potential theft.

Bo and Rayner confront the law enforcing Una Mens fae council, using his power to predict their moves, slaughter them all. Bo believing that it’s justice for being cursed by a corrupt governing force, showing us who’s blood spattered her face before the mirror in the beginning.


In the final scene Trick confronts Bo, begging her not to kill the Una Mens council. He tells her that their power would be amassed into a single remaining seed,  the Origin Seed, not knowing that the deed is already done.

The episode was a nice return to the detective side, while still progressing the Wanderer story line. It left me anxious for the ending twist to be revealed, which I hope exonerates Trick from being a bad guy. The love story with Rayner is coming off heavy handed, like a Harlequin romance, though that is not out of line with all of the love affairs on the show. I guess one should expect a little of that on a show about an ass kicking succubus, but I tend to prefer the action and mystery side of the series.