It appears that the History Channel’s The Bible miniseries is motivating Hollywood to re-examine biblical stories. Warner Bros. has announced plans to tell Moses’ story in Gods and Kings, and now Ridley Scott is seeking the services of Christian Bale to play the character in Exodus.

As a devout Christian, I appreciate the effort being made to bring Moses’ story back to the silver screen. We live in a world where many of the Bible’s great characters are being forgotten, and Hollywood’s decision to bring many of them back to life will draw people who would otherwise stay away from theaters.

Christian Bale is one of those actors that people would pay to see in a biblical epic. He’s an outstanding actor who is capable of playing virtually any role in Hollywood. Bale was a solid Batman during the recent Dark Knight trilogy, but he also gave excellent performances in American Psycho and The Fighter. He’s more than capable of playing a complex character like Moses.

Hopefully, Bale signs onto the project. With Scott and Bale on board, Exodus would have the makings of a blockbuster, especially with a strong supporting cast. It might even follow in the footsteps of Charlton Heston’s The Ten Commandments.

Source: ScreenRant