Hello fiendish friends, it’s Friday yet again, and that means another scary little story from the silver screen. This week I come to you The moth diarieswith a somber, sapphic, supernatural tale called The Moth Diaries. Taking place in an all girls boarding school, The Moth Diaries┬ástars Sarah Bolger (of Tudors fame) and the appropriately cast, seemingly unaging, Lily Cole (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus).

Coping with the suicide of her Father, Rebecca returns to school hoping for a return to normal teenage life, and to her long time best friend Lucy, played by Sarah Gadon. Her plans are abruptly sent askew when peculiar new student Ernessa Bloch (Cole) arrives. When Ernessa The moth diarieslatches onto Lucy, Rebecca becomes jealous and untrusting of the new girl, who never eats and who seems to leave the lingering sweet smell of rotting meat in her wake.

Coming from Director Mary Harron, who also directed American Psycho and The Notorious Betty Page, The Moth Diaries is low key, but visually intriguing. Drawing on classic horror novels, instead of big budget blood baths, this The moth diariesmovie wont appeal to everyone, though there are some scenes that are bloody indeed, nothing is over the top. There are no jump scares, or homicidal maniacs, just an obsessive young girl following clues that lead her to a dark secret. If you like solemn stories of suspense, like Diabolique or the more recent movie The Woods, you should check this freaky little flick out, you wont be sorry.

Au revoir until next week, my kindred creepers. -Ruby