Remember when Kevin Smith was retiring? Yeah, he was probably just burned out, and you probably would be too if people crapped over everything you, even if it was actually not that bad (choke*JerseyGirl*choke). Anyway, he came to his sense and seems to be getting his creative juices flowing again because he has announced another new project.

After his horror movie Tusk hits in 2014, and he directs Clerks 3, and maybe makes the TV miniseries Hit Somebody, he will make a rapture movie called Helena Handbag.

The movie is based on a conversation he had with Scott Mosier in a podcast about the rapture where mankind has to join forces with Hell in order to stop the extinction of all existence at the hands of a giant Rapturing Jesus.

He also said it will be low budget, because no studio will want to make this.

Well, no kidding. I mean, if people got up in arms and protested a movie with a poop monster in it because it offended their Catholic views, how will the simple, narrow-minded people react to a giant Rapturing Jesus? And, I call them simple and narrow-minded because Kevin Smith himself proved that the Dogma protesters didn’t even know what they were protesting.

Now, I am pretty excited about this. People can whine about Kevin Smith all they want, but I still really like the guy and his work. Even after he dismissed people in my profession (film critics) as something less than human, I didn’t let it bother me. I’d be pissy too if enough people crapped on me.

So, what about Kevin Smith’s retirement? It ain’t happening, but he did say that he will now only make movies that are uniquely his and have not been made before. Well, Helena Handbag fits that description.

SourceThe Wrap