While Marvel has ruled the movie world when it comes to superhero flicks, DC Comics has always held the upper hand when it comes to animated releases. The only thing is that DC has stuck with the home video market for their movies. With Disney behind Marvel, they are branching out and releasing an actual animated movie into theaters, and with Disney’s track record with their own releases as well as Pixar showing how to do it right, Marvel has as good a chance as any to succeed with the 2014 release Big Hero 6.

The problem here is that animated movies take a long time to make and Marvel just hired a second director to come in and work on the project, which is set to come out in November 2014. Could a new director mean there have been problems with Big Hero 6?

Big Hero 6Don Hall (Winnie the Pooh) was working on the movie as the director, which was really exciting because Pooh was a surprisingly great movie. However, Chris Williams (Bolt) has just signed on to help direct the movie. This might actually be positive news because, while Pooh was great, is wasn’t much of an action movie. Williams had a lot more experience with action in Bolt, so he might be coming on to make sure the action is done right.

On a negative note, Kristina Reed (Kung Fu Panda) has pulled out as a producer, which is problematic because a producer leaving a project is never a positive note. However, she was replaced by Roy Conli (Tangled).

The good news is that Big Hero 6 is a property that very few people know anything about, so it is a nice jumping off point for the first Marvel Disney animated movie since there will be few expectations. However, Marvel will have to want it to be a success so they can decide if they will bring bigger named heroes to the big screen as animated movies.

Big Hero 6 is about a robotics genius named Hiro Hamada who has a powerful invention stolen by a super villian. Hiro then puts together a superhero team to fight back. The heroes include a robot named Baymax, a bike messenger named Go Go, a sushi chef named Wasabi No Ginger, a barista named Honey Lemon and a comic book nerd named Fred.

Big Hero 6 hits theaters on Nov. 7, 2014.

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Source: THR