James Cox is the dollar baby filmmaker behind the sublime Grey Matter. The film stars Tyler Chase (Ben from The Walking Dead) as the son of an alcoholic father who realizes that his dad is turning into something less than human. Grey Matter sits up there with Rodney Altman’s Umney’s Last Case as two of the best dollar baby films I have seen produced.

Well, Cox co-produced a feature length film with Marci Lifoff and Kevin M. Slee called The Sublime and Beautiful, directed by and starring Blake Robbins (Officer Brass from HBO’s Oz). The movie follows a couple as they try to cope with the death of their two children in an auto accident and follows Robbins’ character as he faces the moral dilemma of wanting revenge against the person responsible for the accident.

The Sublime and Beautiful premieres at Slamdance in January, an alternative festival for movies that didn’t get the chance to show at Sundance, but deserved the audience anyway. From the look of it, The Sublime and Beautiful  is a movie that deserves an audience.

Check out the exclusive The Sublime and Beautiful trailer below and let us know what you think in the comment section below. To see more, visit their Facebook page.

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