die monster dieDirected by: Daniel Haller
Written by Jerry Sohl

Starring: Boris Karloff, Nick Adams, Suzan Farmer


Die Monster Die! originally released in 1965, is loosely based on H.P. Lovecraft’s story, The Colour Out of Space. Starring horror legend Boris Karloff, the movie is begging to be featured in an episode of MST3K.

Stephen Reinhart, (played by Nick Adams) is a young student visiting his beloved, Susan Witley (Farmer) at her ancestral home, Witley Manor. Before he arrives, Reinhart is met with hostility by the local townspeople, who refuse to help him find his way. Upon arriving he doesn’t fare much better meeting a surly Boris Karloff, playing Susan’s Father, and setting the tone for the film.

Die Monster Die!

Die Monster Die! includes all that is expected of a movie based on a Lovecraft story, mad scientists, abominable creatures, and even a robot (for which there is no discernible explanation).

The only extra feature on the Blu-ray dvd is a trailer, that can’t really be called as such. It is just a bunch of random scenes from the film, with no title or credits. The restoration of the film itself is almost too good, in that way that high definition movies can be these days, taking away from that cinematic feel. In blaring Colorscope, the epitome of a B-movie, Die Monster Die! is cheesy, it’s hokey, it’s terrible fun.

Die Monster Die!