Did Audrey succumb to William’s tricks and find her original self?  Did Duke get his Trouble back and kill Ben?  Who are the four people needed to re-open the door to send William through?  These questions and a few others were answered during the Season 4 Finale.

The Breakdown

Audrey successfully gives Duke his Trouble back.  During the process, while her hand was still on Duke’s chest, a strange smile came over her as she remembered her original self.  We see a flashback of William and her smiling all lovey-dovey at each other in the water.  As Duke is receiving his Trouble back, he recognizes that Audrey is experiencing something.  William is off somewhere fishing with his two minions and feels Audrey giving the Trouble through their connection.

The Lighthouse

Duke has Nathan cut his finger to test if his Trouble is back.  When he wipes the blood on Duke’s hand, it disappears and his eyes turn silver, confirming that it’s back.  Duke warns Nathan to keep an eye on Audrey because of what he saw when she was changing him.  Nathan believes as soon as they get rid of William, Audrey will be fine.

Ben plays with his baby and Gloria suggests Ben get Aaron’s favorite blankie.  While she and Audrey are discussing whether or not they believe in the afterlife, they hear a gunshot from the house.  Duke comes out looking devastated at what he had done.  He hands the blankie to Gloria who is on the verge of breaking down.  He tells her he doesn’t expect her to ever forgive him and she surprises him with a hug.  Duke walks away looking like he’s on the verge of tears.  Audrey starts to go after him but Nathan holds her back to allow Jennifer to go comfort Duke.  Duke tells Jennifer that William isn’t going to stop and he fears he may have to keep doing this.  He also tells her about how he saw Audrey briefly change which is an even bigger problem.  He says they have to get William out of there today.

Jennifer explains to Duke, Audrey, and Nathan that they need four people who were born in another world in order to open the door.  This is according to the book that only she can read.  She figures she was born in that other world since she can read the book and was left there by Agent Howard.  So far they have three of these other worldly people: Jennifer, Audrey, and William. 

The Lighthouse

Vince and Dave are researching trying to figure out who the fourth person is.  Jennifer and Duke leave and Nathan confronts Audrey about what happened when she Troubled Duke.  She admits that she remembered her original self.  Her name was Mara.  She explains that remembering Mara was different from remembering Lexie or Lucy.  It was deeper.  She says Mara did terrible things and was someone she doesn’t want to be.  She tells Nathan of her plan to use this little bit of information against William.  She will tell him of what she remembered and ask him to tell her more, hoping William will let his guard down so Nathan can shoot him with a tranquilizer gun.  This way they can get him to the lighthouse to stand on the symbol.  Nathan wonders how they will find William and she tells him that he is at the lookout.  She can feel them and their connection continues to get stronger.

Duke, Jennifer, Dwight, Vince, and Dave discuss the door.  Dave continues with his same rant about how he warned them not to open that door and that it would bring evil.  Dwight and Duke decide to go find William’s minions, hoping one of them is the fourth person they need.  Vince says he will go to get the adoption records and see if he can find anyone else Agent Howard may have left in Haven.  Dave cuts in again about how they shouldn’t open the door anymore.  Vince tells him to go get the journal and see if there is anything that can help them.

Audrey goes to see William.  He tells her he could feel it when she was remembering.  She tells him of her memories of them swimming and that she felt happy.  She reaches up to touch his face and gets shocked by that electricity that always shoots between them when they touch.  She asks him to tell them about their time there and he decides to lead her toward the swimming hole.  Nathan is in the bushes trying to find a good shot.

The Lighthouse

Dwight and Duke follow a lead to find the minions.  Dwight makes Duke switch from a gun to a Taser since he’s a bullet magnet.  While they are talking, Duke coughs droplets of blood into his hand.  He pays it no mind and they keep going.  They find the minions and try to tase the big guy but it doesn’t work.  Duke is wishing he could use guns at this point.  The big guy starts coming toward them but pauses for some reason.  He and the other minion break up into the black little goo balls and fly away.  Duke and Dwight realize that they were both created here in this world by William so neither of them is useful.

Up on the hill, William and Audrey talk about how the barn kept burying her deeper and deeper under false memories and that it was a punishment for creating the Troubles.  When they took her he vowed to get her back even after being banished through the door.  Audrey asks who was punishing her.  Right at that time, the minions find Nathan in the bushes trying to get a shot off and bring him out to William.  William could sense that something was going on because of his link to Audrey.  He told her that soon there won’t be any secrets as their connection grows.  The minions start beating on Nathan and William uses this as another opportunity to make Audrey remember.  He tells her she knows how to stop them.  She yells “stop!” with a lot of passion and fear and they stop.

William gives her the box and she wills the minions into it, in the form of the little goo balls.  William is getting excited, asking if she can feel “us”.  We see a flashback of Mara and William walking through the woods in clothing that looks like it’s from a past century.  As they kiss, Audrey shuts the box and pulls out of the memory.  Nathan tells Audrey to get away from William but William is still talking quite convincingly to her about the power she felt.

The Lighthouse

Meanwhile, the adoption agency says they cannot find the adoption records.  The woman Vince is talking to reveals her tattoo and is confused.  She whispers to him that she arranged to have the files lost weeks ago and assumed he gave the order.  She tells him that Dave picked them up.  At this same time, Jennifer is explaining to Dwight and Duke that Dave said the Sebastian Cabot journal is gone.  He claims their secret research room was broken into.  Duke starts coughing up blood again and drops to his knee.  He puts his hand on the ground and it turns black and the blackness keeps growing.  It eventually stops and the three look at it bewildered about how Duke was able to do it.  Duke says it must be some side effect from getting his Trouble back.

Back on the hill, William is trying to convince Audrey to give Nathan another Trouble.  Nathan tries to tell her she is not Mara.  She tells Nathan she did those things and liked it and that she might still like it.  She opens the box and gets on her knees right in front of Nathan (who is handcuffed on his knees).  She whispers something to Nathan and he figures out what she wants him to do.  He head butts her and knocks both her and William out.

Dave comes into the Herald and Vince confronts him about having Cabot’s journal and the adoption files.  He shows Dave a video of him picking up the adoption files.  Vince wants to know who the fourth person is. Dave claims he cannot tell Vince and has a good reason.  Vince is confused because they never keep secrets from each other.  Vince asks if he (Vince) is the fourth person.  Dave goes off saying Vince always thinks it’s about him.  In fact, the fourth person is Dave.  Dave explains that when he saw Agent Howard’s photo in Jennifer’s file, he didn’t want anyone to find it in his.  Vince wonders why Dave thinks he’s from that other world.  Dave admits that he’s been there.

The Lighthouse

Vince wants Dave to go to the lighthouse.  Just then Duke, Jennifer, and Dwight walk in asking for aspirin. Dave volunteers to get some from the car but Vince tells Dwight not to let him pass.  Dave surprises everyone saying that if they open the door, he may get pulled through again.  He says when it is open, something draws him through and he doesn’t want to go through that again.

Audrey, Nathan, and William are in the lighthouse.  William taunts Nathan saying he’s won because he made Audrey remember.  Nathan wants to pummel him and he reminds Nathan that he can’t injure him without hurting Audrey.  Nathan takes that challenge and knees him in the groin which causes no distress to Audrey.  Duke, Jennifer, Vince, and Dave are on their way there and Duke is having second thoughts, worried that Jennifer will be compelled to go through the door like Dave.  When they get inside, Duke gets assigned to watch William.  William tells Duke that when Audrey Troubled him, she activated every Trouble his family has absorbed into their bloodline.  William says he hopes he’s there when all those Troubles blow inside of Duke.

Jennifer grabs Duke before he does something to William.  Jennifer tells everyone to get Audrey, Dave, and William on the figures.  William tries to warn them all of what they will let in if they open the door but they are not trying to hear him.  Vince is holding a terrified Dave in his spot on the symbol.  Duke goes down from pain in his body.  Dave knocks into Vince and grabs the gun out of Duke’s pants.  William comments that Dave is clearly someone who knows what’s on the other side of the door. Dave is desperate and scared, pointing the gun at Vince, saying they are brothers and he doesn’t want to shoot him but he’s not going back in that door!

The gun goes off but immediately does a u-turn into Dave’s arm to get to Dwight who ran behind him when he realized he might shoot.  Dwight says, “When you know you’re going to get shot, you make it count”.  The bullet hit him in his bullet proof vest.  They get everyone back on the symbol and Jennifer holds the book over the center of the symbol.  The ground shakes and the center, which is the door, opens.  All we can see is a thick fog-like matter down there.  Nathan tries to push William in and he says that he’s ready to negotiate.  He says they may think he deserves this but have no idea what’s over there.

As Nathan continues to push, William says he knows how to fix Duke.  Audrey comments that he expects them to show him mercy after everything he’s done.  About this time, Dave pushes Vince into a wall and starts walking toward the opening in the ground against his will.  Vince grabs him as he falls.  Vince is holding his arm, worried about losing his brother as he goes deeper into the abyss.  Nathan is holding onto Vince and Dwight is holding on to Nathan.  They are all struggling to pull Dave up because something is pulling him down.  At the same time, William is in Audrey’s ear, telling her she loved him once and asking her not to send him through.

The guys successfully pull Dave up.  Nathan runs back over to William but Audrey says that she wants to do it herself.  She pushes William but he hangs onto her arm and we see the electricity passing between them.  As Audrey tries to pull her arm back to let William fall, she gets a surprised look on her face.  William says, “I knew you were in there,” and then Nathan pushes him in.  Jennifer holds the book over the door and closes it.  Once it completely closes, she gets weak and starts to fall.  Duke catches her on her way down.  She says Dave was right and that they shouldn’t have opened the door, that William wasn’t what they should have been afraid of.  She closes her eyes and stops breathing.

Duke yells her name and tries to wake her up but his body starts acting up again.  He looks up toward his friends and blood is coming out of his eyes and ears.  Nathan asks what is happening to him.  Audrey says, “He’s as good as dead”, in a cold tone.  She continues, “Now, who’s going to help me get William back.”  We watch the camera pass over the stunned looks on everyone’s face and then settle on Mara’s cold, evil smirking face to end the season.

The Analysis

This wasn’t as exciting of a finale as I hoped but the ending sure showed promise.  I can’t wait to see how Mara’s presence will play out.  She’s already scary and exciting in her one-liner at the end.  Nathan’s naive relentless attitude that Audrey was going to stay Audrey just because he said so was getting a bit annoying.  It just seems unrealistic but I guess you can’t fault the man for hoping eh?  I wonder if William will be back next season.  I certainly hope so.  I want to know more about Dave’s adventures on the other side of the door as well.  Duke, who is my favorite character, better be okay.  I wonder if he will manifest some ultimate power, being able to control each of the Troubles his bloodline has absorbed.