The Breakdown

Brian is talking to the kids about making the right choices when it comes to Duncan and the situation that they are in. Duncan knows that a man named Roman Harper was hired in order to assassinate the president in New York. If another team does the job, Duncan’s team will be killed. Duncan has the Sanders’ locked in a room and will not be going anywhere today (as Duncan and his team are going to New York to find the new team that will kill the president).

Off The Record

Sandrine meets with Logan about relaying information about what Duncan is doing and if he has 24 hour surveillance on the Sanders’ family. She accepts Logan’s’ offer (which is 10K and 2 passports to Canada). Burton is trying to get a flight to Madrid for him and his Sawyer. Kate (Nina’s mother) appears at Burton’s house wanting to tell her story and expose president Kincaid. Blair is meeting with Logan to see if the New York team is in place to kill the president, they are. Blair also wants the Sanders’ family deaths to look like a murder-suicide.

Archer and Duncan are planning how they think the sniper team will try to kill Kincaid. They don’t have enough time to recon the buildings where the snipers could be. They need the blueprints to the building. Duncan asks Brain if he can get them and Brian replies that he can’t and won’t get them. Duncan takes Ellen downstairs. Where Ellen tells Duncan that she can get the blueprints. Duncan hands Ellen a key and tells her that if he (and his team) fails and there is word that Kincaid died. Ellen needs to unlock her family and get out-of-town as fast as they can. Duncan also tells her that he never wanted her to get caught up in this mess.

Off The Record

Morgan and Jake wonder why their dad didn’t give the info to Duncan. Brain is still trying to be the moral police and stand for something. Ellen meets with Samantha (Brian’s mistress) in order to get her access code so that she can get the blueprints. Ellen tells Brian’s jump off that Brain owes a few shady people money. Ellen tells Samantha that they can’t go to the police because the people Brian owes the money to has inside men everywhere.

President Kincaid is in New York. His new chief of staff wants Kincaid to visit a church that his family is tied to. He wants this church appearance to be shared with America in order to get votes. Kincaid basically knows he is going to hell and wants to try to do something right. Blair and Vanessa are plotting about the aftermath of when Kincaid is assassinated. Vanessa is trying to get Blair poised as the new Vice President in Jay Grant’s (the current VP’s) administration after Kincaid is killed.

Off The Record

Kate is still with Burton sharing stories about Nina. Burton feels that if Kate wants to go forward with telling on Kincaid she should do it the proper way and have it recorded. Burton goes to get his camera. Then gets his gun and places a silencer on the pistol (keeping it hidden behind a laptop). He asks Kate again if she wants to go forward with this. Burton also tells her that instead of exposing Kincaid maybe she could just tell Nina the truth. Kate agrees not to go forward, excited about the fact that she may finally get to she her daughter. Burton puts the gun away and is happy he didn’t have to blow Kate’s brains out.

Vanessa is meeting with Vice President Jay Grant in order to get a feel for who should his running mate be in the next election. Vanessa keeps dropping hints that it should be Blair. The VP completely misses the clues and asks Vanessa if she would run with him. Duncan and his team are in New York but are waiting for Ellen to come through with the buildings blueprints. Archer has doubts that she will have them in time. Duncan’s phone rings and it’s Ellen with the blueprints. Duncan and Archer rule out two buildings because the viewpoint is bad. They then head to the 3rd building. While on an elevator they find a man who matches a description of what a “spotter” may look like for an assignation attempt. They follow him to his room, enter and then kill him. Duncan has still not found the sniper. Sandrine finds a man matching the description of Robert Harper (the sniper) and Duncan tells her to keep a tail on him. Like an idiot she loses him.

Off The Record

The sniper team gets in position to take out the president but they have lost touch with the spotter. Blair calls them to tell them that they have been compromised but to proceed with the mission. Sandrine finally catches up to the snipers when she pauses at the back of the truck. She sees Kramer and thinks about the deal she has with Logan. Duncan contacts her and she snaps out of it. Sandrine blows the doors off of the truck and kills the 2 snipers. Logan is walking into the church with the president and falls. When Logan, the secret service and the president go into the church. Logan looks around to see why a shot hasn’t been taken.

Burton and Sawyer are about to flee the country when Duncan calls. Duncan tells Burton that everything was good and the job is done. Burton tells Duncan see you when you get home and then takes Sawyer to get ice cream instead of running to Spain. When Duncan gets back to the Sanders house he thanks Ellen for her help in the mission. Ellen tells Duncan that she is ready (to kill the president). They both have an awkward hug and they kiss. (It seems like Duncan took “I’m ready” to mean something entirely different than what Ellen meant). As Duncan is going to his car, he is kidnapped and taken in a van.

Off The Record

The Analyst

Stockholm syndrome anyone? I don’t know if Ellen kissed Duncan because she’s just used to him now or the fact of seeing Samantha again pushed her over the edge. Either way this show is getting more screwed up each week. This show has kind of grown on me but the plot of each week takes entirely too long to unfold when it doesn’t need to be. Oh well only 5 more episode to go. I wonder is Ellen really ready to kill the president or is this another stunt to try and break free? If it’s a stunt, they need to give up. Sometimes you have t know when you’re beat and the Sanders’ are beat.