House of BadHouse of Bad, the award-winning 2013 Independent horror film surpassed anticipated sales yesterday, selling out of stock.  After a month of being available as a pre-order, the title suddenly sold completely out, becoming unavailable on the day of its official release.

The turn of events represents a new twist to the typical story of the Independent film scene, where directors and filmmakers struggle to find distribution and access to robust sales outlets.  Without such avenues cinematic efforts can be lost in the shuffle, a reality for low-budget genre films like House of Bad.

“It’s awesome and frustrating at the same time” says executive producer Scott Frazelle, “our distributor, Osiris Entertainment, has worked hard to promote the film, and capitalize on all the positive fan-site reviews. We’re really hoping this Amazon response pushes WalMart, Redbox, and other retailers to get the film out sooner rather than later.”

House of Bad is a 95-minute feature film about three sisters on the run with a suitcase full of stolen drugs, yearning to break free from their sordid pasts.  From small movie blogs to big sites like Ain’t It Cool News, reviewers are calling House of Bad “fresh, sexy and unsettling”, “a fine example of what the low budget indie scene has to offer”, and “a smarter version of a 70’s grindhouse bad girl flick”.

House of Bad


The film stars Heather L. Tyler (The Bridge), Sadie Katz (Chavez Cage of Glory, Scorned) and Cheryl Sands (Nip Tuck). To find out more, please visit

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