Last month we brought you a trailer for a new movie called Rise of the Fellowship, a movie that looked from the outside like a cheap knockoff of The Hobbit, but is actually a smaller independent love letter to the Lord of the Rings franchise. Well, that movie is now out on DVD and we just wanted to remind you about the film.

The movie shares a similar format as Fanboys, except replace a dying friend with a group of Lord of the Rings costume players heading across the country to take part in a major Lord of the Rings gaming competition. The movie is full of winks and nods to the J.R.R. Tolkien franchise that the filmmakers loves so much.

Rise of the Fellowship won big at the GenCon 2012 film festival and is now available pretty much where ever you buy DVDs. If you want to buy it through Amazon, you can do it through the following link to help Renegade Cinema.

Here is the trailer again and a couple of images from the movie, Rise of the Fellowship.

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Rise of the Fellowship