A 13th Friday the 13th movie is on the way and will hit in the already crowded 2015 calendar year. Of course, those movies are all blockbusters and Friday the 13th is a nice counterprogramming horror flick. The new Friday the 13th movie is all thanks to the dealings between Warner Bros. and Paramount when it comes to Interstellar.

The deal saw Paramount give up some of its rights to Interstellar to Warner Bros. in exchange the rights to South Park and Friday the 13th. Originally, the idea was a Friday the 13th found footage movie to be released in 2013, which would be a nice play on the title.

Now the word has come that Friday the 13th will actually hit in 2015 and will be another reboot, ignoring the original reboot that starred Jared Padalecki which hit theaters in 2009. That is kind of disappointing as this is the second reboot only six years after the last one. There was nothing really wrong with the last reboot when it comes to a Friday the 13th movie.

I understand that the franchise has to be rebooted because they are with a new studio now. It is just silly to reboot things when there is 12 movies out already that shows us all we need to know about Friday the 13th and they should just send Jason out on a new mission of destruction.

The release date of the new Friday the 13th movie will be on Friday, March 13, 2015.

Are you excited to see Jason coming back in a new Friday the 13th movie? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Twitter