WCW Champions as of September 25th, 1995:
Heavyweight: Hulk Hogan [defeated Ric Flair, July 17th, 1994]
US: Sting [defeated Meng, June 18th, 1995]
TV: DDP [defeated Renegade, September 17th, 1995]
Tag-Team: The American Males[defeated Harlem Heat, September 18th, 1995]


WCW Monday Nitro


WCW Monday Nitro
Alex Wright vs The Disco Inferno

You know, I have to give props to Disco, for making his gimmick work. There’s absolutely no reason it should, because on paper it’s truly one of the worst ever; A wrestling version of John Travolta’s character from Saturday Night Fever. He starts off heavy on Alex who tries to get the momentum on his side, but Disco whips out the Stun Gun and cuts that off with the quickness. After that it’s a lot of showboating until he finally wastes too much time, and Alex is able to catch him with a backslide for the win. Right there is why I like watching older wrestling – we weren’t waiting for the finisher; things could happen out of no where. There’s nothing Earth-shattering here, but it’s solid, and more than fine for TV.

Alex pins The Inferno with a backslide at 4:02 | **

WCW Monday Nitro

We now get a promo with Hogan doing neck-ups or something ridiculous. There’s a physical therapist who works at my gym, I’m gonna ask him just how many neck-ups with a championship title on your head a person should do when rehabbing a broken neck. Hogan issues a challenge to the “big, stinky, nasty” Giant, a Monster Truck match on top of Cobo Hall, before their World Heavyweight Title match. As for the above photo, I know what we’re all thinking; Jimmy Hart has an awesome jacket.

WCW Monday Nitro

Mean Gene is in the ring with Macho Man Randy Savage & Lex Luthor. After being slapped by Macho last week, Luger is still a bit upset, and demands a match against Savage for next week. He not only puts his title shot on the line but says he’ll leave WCW if he doesn’t beat Mach’.

WCW Monday Nitro

Kurasawa vs SGT Craig Pittman

Nothing too special here, they both trade attempts at getting the other person to submit via an arm-bar. Kurasawa hits a pretty viscous move for 1995. He removes the padding on the ground and delivers a powerslam onto the concrete. Soon after, Kurasawa wins with a belly-to-back suplex. A decent match, nothing offensively bad, but nothing astounding.

Kurasawa gets the win after a B2B suplex at 4:24 | *1/2

WCW Monday Nitro

Mean Gene is back in the ring with Brian Pillman & Arn Anderson. Pillman says while Flair is on a pathetic quest to find a partner, they’re going to continue their right to bare arms, assemble [holds up the 4 fingers] and hospitalize whoever they want. Anderson says the reason Flair can’t get a partner is because of all the gnarly things he’s done to people over the years, all while Anderson was there to back him up. He’s got nobody.

Coming up on WCW Saturday Night, we’ve got Dusty making his debut as co-host, Johnny B. Badd gets a shot at Sting for the US Title, The American Males will defend, and we’ll also get a word from The Giant & Taskmaster. Perhaps Task got a new evil satin robe he wants to show off.

We see a clip of Taskmaster attacking Macho while he was pressing plastic weights on the set of Baywatch.

This Saturday on TNT it’s Howard The Duck, and on Wednesday it’s Convoy.

Just saw a commercial for Shaq vs Hakeem Olajuwon in a $1,000,000 challenge, one on one, PPV. I had no idea they did something like this, and I’m shocked they haven’t done it more.


WCW Monday Nitro

The Taskmaster vs Macho Man Randy Savage

Match starts with Macho chasing Sullivan around ring-side, only to get attacked by The Zodiac while the ref’s back is turned. From then on, Taskmaster keeps laying the boots & chops to Macho until Savage is able to catch him with a surprise back-drop. He sends Task outside, and drags Zodiac in to give him a taste. The ref tries to calm Macho down, but he throws him aside, drawing the DQ. Savage then bodyslams Task on top of Zodiac and goes for a Double-Elbow-Drop, but Sullivan moves at the last moment. Soon after, The Giant comes down to deliver a choke slam to Macho in name of the Dungeon. A guy from the locker-room I don’t recognize tries to help Macho, but gets a choke slam for his troubles. A jobber named Mark Starr comes in, gets the same thing. Alex Wright gets a bear-hug & powerslam. Luger shows up, and gets into a laid-out Macho’s face when The Giant grabs him for another choke slam before leaving with Taskmaster.

Macho draws the DQ at 3:00 | *

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WCW Monday Nitro

Lex Luger vs Meng

Luger is still in the ring recovering when Meng runs out to start the beat down. The whole match is Meng kicking & chopping, with a piledriver & nerve hold thrown in. Oh wait, we just had a backbreaker. After a few comeback attempts that are crushed, Meng gets a spike out of his boot and drives it into Luger’s neck, getting himself the three count. Not much of a match, really. It was literally Luger getting his ass kicked the entire time, while Bischoff said Hulk Hogan’s name about 10 times and each time prefaced it with “the biggest star in the history of our sport”. Nothing offensive, just not on part with some of the main-events they’ve been having lately.

Meng drives a spike into Luger’s neck to earn himself a pin at 6:48 | *1/2

Next week we’ll hear from The Hulkster, The American Males face the Nasty Boys, we’ll get to see the 1997 PWI Wrestler of the Year, Dean Malenko, as well as the main event of Macho Man Randy Savage vs Lex Luger.


This week’s show didn’t have anything bad, really, but it was rather boring. Things are becoming pretty heavy with the Dungeon of Doom, and man, they’re seriously the worst faction/angle ever. I know they aren’t going away for quite a while, because we’re STILL about 6 months away from Uncensored 1996 and the worst main event in pro-wrestling history. I’m looking forward to Luger & Macho next week, as I believe they’ll deliver, as well as watching the Ric Flair/Arn Anderson story develop.


Till next week, dig it…