The episode opens on Mina dreaming of Grayson declaring his desire, while she argues her love for Jonathon Harker, then succumbing to seduction, only to be awakened by Lucy, hurrying her from her bed to prepare for the evenings engagement party.

Alexander Grayson and Professor Van Helsing conspire to further progress in producing a formula to enable Grayson to walk in sunlight, using other vampires as study subjects.

Renfield, now noticed as missing, in the hands of ┬áLord Davenport’s hired torturer, fights to resist giving away Grayson’s secrets, the secret being, “Who does Alexander Grayson love?”


Jonathan Harker receives information that General Shaw is receiving money from an arms manufacturer, gaining proof that Shaw is taking bribes.

Mina attempts to confess her dreaming infidelity to Lucy, but thinks better of if, as the house of Grayson readies itself for the extravagant affair, and grows concerned with the changing demeanor of her intended, after an argument over the guest list to the engagement party. Harker is then sent in search of the missing Renfield.

In the following scene Grayson flashes back to a 12 year old memory aboard a train, interrupting a Mr. Havisham with an offer to by two rail lines, for $20,000 usd in gold bars. Havisham then threatens Grayson, surrounding him with armed thuggees, only to be interrupted by the cabin bartender, Renfield, ending the memory sequence with the introduction of master and servant.


Johnathan confirms Renfield’s abduction, followed by Van Helsing and Grayson moving forward with the day’s experiment, in which a frothing female vampire strapped to a table is electrocuted to start her heart, then injected with the latest serum, though the effects last longer than any other attempt, the vampire goes up in flames, and Alexander is left irritable, shrugging off Van Helsing’s reassurances.

The evening comes with a momentarily tense reunion of the newly engaged couple, Jonathan and Mina, followed by an apology and gratitude from Jonathon for reminding him of who he is.

Renfield, in the midst of torture, recalls his first meeting on the train with Grayson as well, then breaks into laughter as Alexander comes to the rescue, leaving the scene with the mysterious torturess screaming.


At the engagement, rumors abound about Lady Jayne Wetherby and Grayson, and Lady Jayne curiously notices Lucy’s intensely affectionate regard for Mina Murray.

Harker gets upset when Dracula refuses to act upon the revelation of Shaw’s political indiscretions, wanting to only humiliate the man, not have him arrested and ruined in that manner.

Grayson mentions the abduction and torture of his servant to Lady Jayne, who then confronts Lord Davenport, who denies any knowledge of it.


Harker makes a loving engagement speech, and offers his appreciation to Dracula for hosting the party, the first dance with his intended. They float around the dance floor entranced while jealous and uneasy eyes follow, Harker distraught. The scene flashes to Dracula cutting open Johnathan’s throat, the crowded ballroom reacting in horror, then a clear view of Harker, now fine, cutting in, but refused. when Mina excuses herself to get air.

Lady Jayne denies to the head of The Order that Grayson could possibly be the vampire, him replying that she may be blinded by love.

The episode closes on the main characters all reflecting on feelings of dejection, and Dracula caring for the badly beaten Renfield, while thinking on their mutual past, and the moment where absolute trust was established.



The show, though having definite intriguing moments, and new ideas in an old story, still suffers from the over the top acting of lead actor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whose lack of range is becoming more and more apparent as the show, and his career moves forward. It creates a distracting and uneven keel for the other actors in appearance.

The highlight of the episode was getting a little more back-story to Renfield, played by Nonso Anozi, and low point being the quick dispatch of the female torturer, who had promise as a relatively interesting character.

It also still seems unapparent just where the writers are going, unable to stick with a decision as to where women fall in their reworked Victorian society, creating a non distinct story line. With a listing of no less than 7 writers for the first season, it may be a case of too many cooks in the kitchen.