A few weeks ago it was reported Sam Raimi was developing a script for Evil Dead 4. The details were lite on the specifics of what the story would involve. One could only hope that it would mean a return of Bruce Campbell in the role of Ash (Fingers crossed!). Well, according to a long time producer of Sam Raimi, the new film will in fact be a continuing of Army of Darkness.

Shock Til You Drop caught up with producer Rob Tapert about the specifics of the sequel. He mentions in the interview, “That would be Army of Darkness 2. Everybody calls it Evil Dead 4 but Army of Darkness wasn’t called Evil Dead anywhere except by the fans.” This is basically to avoid any confusion with the newly established Evil Dead remake, which already has a sequel in development.

Bruce Campbell also chimes in about his potential return to the property. This is what he had to say during a Q&A panel at SXSW:

“Sam threatens this every six months. I’ve heard this a thousand times, because in the back of his mind, he never wants to let go, because he loved making these movies. We all loved making them together. They were a nightmare to make, very difficult, but they lasted the test of time, so he’s not going to let that go, and I’m never going to say ‘no.’ It’ll be me and a walker fighting some other old guy. But that’s what he does and who knows? It may happen.”

As much as it frustrates me to see two different Evil Dead universes taking place at once, I love the idea of geriatric Bruce fighting evil spirits. I’m willing to see a multiverse if we can bring back old Brucey. My gut feeling says this is all just wishful thinking though. We still do not know how successful the Evil Dead remake will become and how it will impact the Army of Darkness sequel. Only time will tell.

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Source: STYD