The 2011 Comedy Horrible Bosses was a pleasant surprise during its release. The movie took aspects that made The Hangover great and utilized them in an employee-boss story plot. Well, it appears the team is back for another corporate takedown in Horrible Bosses 2. This includes Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudekis, and  a possible return of Jamie Foxx as Motherf&^% Jones. Seth Gordon, who also directed the original is returning to helm the follow-up. I would love to see Kevin Spacey return as well. He had one of the best roles in the film and he was a great bad guy.

My only hope is the team doesn’t make the same mistakes that Todd Phillips made with Hangover 2.  It would be a great disappointment if they just created a carbon copy of the first film. My advice to the creative team is to find a fresh approach in tackling the next film. Don’t be lazy Hollywood.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter