** Spoilers from The Walking Dead comic book series follows. These spoilers are many years old, but are spoilers none-the-less when it comes to this Walking Dead photo **

While choosing photos for the most recent recap of The Walking Dead, I came across a couple that brought memories of one of the most harrowing moments in the comic books rushing back into my mind.

Here are the Walking Dead photos:

Walking Dead Photo

Walking Dead Photo

For those who read the comics, you know that The Governor came charging in to kill many people who thought they were safe in the prison in a big a$$ tank. That was when he shot and murdered Rick’s wife and baby. Of course, things changed on the TV show and Rick’s wife died at a very different time and manner – at the hands of Carl. However, in the comics, The Governor rode up to the prison in his tank and blew Rick’s wife to bits as she held the baby, which also died.

Now, the showrunners have already said they won’t kill the baby like that, but seeing the tank tells me one of two things. Either The Governor is going to be roaring up to the prison and start shooting, destroying the safe haven, that isn’t that safe anymore anyway, or the Walking Dead photo┬áis just teasing the hell out of the comic book fans.

What do you think? Are they about to bring in the tank to send Rick and company back on the road again? Let’s talk Walking Dead in the comment section below.