The Breakdown

In the first cut-scene we see Red cutting or trying to save Ressler.

Real time. Ressler goes to Germany to get Red, telling Red that Lizzy is in trouble. Lizzie is at home thinking about her dad’s death. When Ressler, Red and Red’s team go to the black-site. Cooper tells Red that he is in protective custody and has him handcuffed. A man named Anslo Garrick is trying to kill Red. Red figures that the intel they received was from Garrick in order to get Red back at black-site and Garrick is going to breach the facility. As Red is talking Garrick’s team is getting into the facility. The lights go out and Red says that they are in.

Anslo Garrick

As Garrick’s men purge the facility and murder everything in sight. Cooper calls for the site to be placed in full lock down. Cooper and Malik head to the armory. Red is with Ressler and Garrick’s men find them. Ressler gets shot in the leg. Red takes the keys off of Ressler to unlock his cuffs, grabs a gun and starts shooting the men and creates a diversion. Red also gets some bandages for Ressler. Red drags Ressler to the lock-down station that he was forced to stay in from the first episode. While all this is going on Lizzie is stuck in an elevator. Red locks him and Ressler in. Garrick finds them and gives this great soliloquy of why he wants Red dead. While this speech is going on Red is trying to stop Ressler from dying.

Red is still trying to keep Ressler alive. Garrick is a little upset with Red over a job. Lizzie has escaped from the elevator but has cut herself. She bandages herself up and makes contact with Cooper. Cooper tells her that the building is surrounded. Garrick tries to shoot the housing that Red is in with no luck. He then puts c4 on the door. Cooper and Malik get overrun with Garrick’s men in the armory.

Anslo Garrick

Cooper and Malik and been captured by Garrick’s men. Garrick has been informed that they don’t have enough c4 in order to blow up the housing that Red is in. Ressler is losing blood fast and Red has to give him a manual transfusion. Garrick orders his men to go back to the armory and find all the c4 that the FBI has and bring it back. Lizzie killed one of the guards and took all his gear. She heads to the communication room and finds another FBI agent. He has been sent to try to get a signal so they can call the cavalry. He tells Lizzy that if they can disable what’s blocking the signal they should be able to get in-touch with someone to call for help.

Ressler is trying to figure out why Red betrayed his country, is now trying to save his life and what is the blacklist all about. Red doesn’t give him an answer. He just babbles about all the things he wants to do when they get out. Garrick is still trying to figure a way in and has Cooper by gunpoint. Lizzie finds the device that is jamming the FBI’s signal and smashes it. The computer in the communications room is gaining a signal. Garrick is still trying to decide if he will kill Cooper, as Cooper may be the only way to get inside Red’s housing. Ressler is in bad shape and Red will have to cut his leg open in order to save him and close his wounds. (the cut-scene from the beginning of this episode)

Anslo Garrick

Lizzie is notified that there may be as many as seven devices that are blocking the internal signal. Lizzie and one of the FBI agents split up in order to find them. Red starts his in-house surgery on Ressler by cutting his leg open, sprinkling fairy dust on his leg and setting it on fire. Garrick is getting restless with Red and Cooper. Garrick has brought Luli up to the box and will kill her if the box isn’t open. Red begs Cooper for him to open the box. Cooper denies and Garrick blows Luli’s brains out. Lizzie is near the 2nd scrambling device and as she is about to disable it one of Garrett’s men knock her out. Garrick pulls out Dembe from the captives and makes him kneel on the ground. Red pleads with Cooper to give him the code. Cooper says no then Red goes to Ressler to get the code but Ressler is unconsciousness. Dembe tells Red goodbye my brother. A shot is heard and the screen goes dark.

The Analyst 

Wow I didn’t expect that in this episode. I figured people would die but no one from Red’s team. I don’t understand why Malik wasn’t killed after Garrick found out that Cooper not Red had the codes. Killing Red’s men does nothing. I really don’t have much to comment on as this is a two part episode and we are just stuck wondering. So until next Monday!