A Crow remake is coming whether fans want it or not. As someone who considers the first movie one of my all-time favorites, I don’t really have a problem with a remake. The original Crow movie will always be there – and be as close to perfect as the story can be, and that has not changed despite three sequels – the last being one of the worst movies of all time.

The latest news about the Crow remake is that Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is up for a role in the movie, although not in the role of Eric Draven, the rock star who is killed and returns with the power of The Crow to seek vengeance. Instead, the rumors are that he will play the role of James.

Now, they aren’t going to sign someone like Norman Reedus and cast him as just another character. Looking at the sequels, Eric was only in the original (Brandon Lee) and the character changed in each sequel and only the idea of returning from the dead for vengeance remained the same.

Luke Evans is signed to play Eric Draven, so they are going back to the original story, and I wonder if Reedus will be playing Top Dollar. Michael Wincott was damn near perfect as Top Dollar in the original movie, so he will be a tough act to follow and Reedus might be a solid choice in the attempt to in the Crow remake.

Source: Schmoes Know