The Breakdown

Vermont is For Lovers, TooEli is at the prison telling Olivia’s mom (Maya) that she will be transported out of the country because Olivia is asking about her. Charlie takes Quinn to work and tells her to act like everything is normal. Someone broke into Senators Marcus’ campaign headquarters and she and Candice feel its Reston (her opponent). Olivia wants the cops to bring that up, not someone in Marcus’ camp. Cyrus set up an interview with Daniel Langston and suggested James should do it. James is thrilled. At the prison Olivia’s mom is eating at her arm in what will possibly be the stupidest way to bust out of jail or get sent to the infirmary.

Cyrus tells Mellie that James will be doing the interview with Daniel. He also needs Mellie to try to put in a good word to make sure that Daniel will hit on James. When Mellie spots Daniel in the hallway she makes a point to say that James and Cyrus have an open relationship. Maya is in the prison infirmary. Eli still has plans to transport her to a new facility. Fitz calls Olivia because he wants to talk to her. He feels she owes him that. Olivia tells him that she doesn’t owe him anything, hangs up and smashes the phone. Candice is on TV accusing Reston’s camp of breaking into Marcus’ office.

Vermont is For Lovers, TooQuinn is trying to locate the computer stolen from Marcus’ headquarters. Someone just logged on and they track it to Reston’s office. David Rosen is holding a press conference to tell the public about the missing laptop. James did not get anything out of the interview with Daniel (literally). It seems Daniel only wanted to talk about college football. Charlie is reporting back to Eli telling him that Quinn is being a good solider. Eli wants to know her every move and if she stops cooperating she will be killed. Eli takes old newspaper pictures (of Olivia) to Maya but he still will not let her see Olivia. One of the secret service agents goes to Olivia’s house to get her. She refuses. The agent then gives her an envelope sent from the president. Enclosed is a picture of her and Eli. Olivia goes to meet Fitz and she reminds him 1 hour.

Fitz is trying to show Olivia this cabin style house and she wants to know why he dragged her out there. Fitz explains that this is the house he brought for them. He just wanted her to see it before he sold it. Quinn pulls a gun out on Charlie and wants to kill him. Charlie tells her that if she does she will have another handler. He tells her this blackmailing is controlled by someone else. Eli is still with Olivia’s mom showing her pictures. She wonders where the recent photo’s are and Eli tells her that him and Olivia aren’t the best of friends. Eli also blames Maya for not being there for the past 20 years. When Eli leaves he tells the doctor to make sure Maya is super drugged up when he comes to get her. Mellie is looking for Fitz and he is nowhere to be found. She has a staff member call his cell phone and no one answers. Mellie then gets the woman to call Olivia’s phone and there is no answer as well, this is because Fitz and Olivia are playing the “horizontal money dance.”

Vermont is For Lovers, TooFitz tells Olivia that her father must be stopped and Olivia doesn’t mind. Olivia figures that her father knew what he signed up for (B6-13). Olivia tells Fitz not to sell the house. David tells Abby that the break in at Marcus’ office was faked. There was no vital information on the PC. Abby suspects Candice set this whole thing up. Harrison is sleeping with Candice. Mellie and Cyrus are failing at trying to get Daniel to make a pass at James. Mellie wonders are they going too far and Cyrus tells Mellie that James isn’t her husband.(A philandering whore) Olivia comes into the office and Jake wants to know where she’s been. Olivia gives a half ass excuse and Jake figures out that she was with Fitz. The team is still trying to obtain a decent camera angle so they can see who killed the security guard that could have led them to Omar Drestin.  Olivia convinces Marcus to out her sister about setting up Reston’s camp with the laptop. Marcus is hesitant because it’s her sister, daughter. Olivia tells her that if the Justice department finds out they will be in a worst situation. James goes back to Daniel and Daniel finally makes a pass at him. James declines his advancements. James also figures out that Cyrus is using him.

Marcus calls a press conference about the laptop. She tells everyone that she was the one that tried to set up Reston. She also drops out of the race for president. Mellie and Fitz agree on trying to get Olivia back to run Fitz’ campaign now that Josephine Marcus is out of the race. James goes back home and acts coy. Cyrus’ phone rings and there are text messages with pictures of James doing the “grown up”” with Daniel. Quinn returns to her house and finds a picture on the floor. The picture is of her on the security cameras from when she killed the guard. Huck is also in Quinn’s house with his “happy tools” and tells Quinn they need to talk about who she is working for. Eli goes to try to pick up Olivia’s mom to transport her and she is missing. She stabbed the doctor with the sedatives that were for her. Mamma Pope has escaped. Olivia is walking down the street and a lady calls her name. It’s Olivia mom.

The Analyst

Outside of Maya (momma pope) escaping it was a pretty average episode. Josephine Marcus dropping out of the presidential race was disappointing to me because I thought Lisa Kudrow was doing a nice job. The one interesting story-line we have now is that not only are Huck and Jake trying to have Eli take a dirt nap, Fitz wants in on the action too. I wonder who will succeed (if anyone)? It’s disappointing that next week is the mid-season finale. But it’s great that the second half of the show will commence on February 27th.