It’s been no secret that there have been plans for a series for The Flash.  The network’s original plan had been to introduce his alter ego Barry Allen the in eighth and ninth episodes of Arrow’s second season before finally using the twentieth episode to serve as a backdoor pilot for a soon to follow spin-off series.  Recently however, those plans have been changed somewhat.  Instead, executives have now opted to shoot an official Flash pilot to introduce the character.  His planned appearances for episodes eight and nine have already been shot so they will still air as scheduled.

If things go correctly this could be the beginning of a nice little DC universe not entirely unlike that of DC animated universe that started with Batman: The Animated Series before finally concluding with Justice League: Unlimited.  I got to say it’s rather refreshing to see a production team that has something resembling a coherent game plan for the DC characters (those who don’t know who they are).

Of course this isn’t exactly the first time something like this has been attempted with DC characters and it’s not even the first time where Green Arrow was involved.  During the run of Smallville, the shows producers shot an Aquaman pilot and also toyed with making a spin-off for Green Arrow as well.  However, both shows failed to materialize as the Aquaman pilot failed to get picked up for a series and Green Arrow never went past the planning stages.  Instead, Green Arrow became a series regular on Smallville and Aquaman making the occasional appearance.

As much as I actually enjoy Smallville, I sincerely hope that’s not what ends up happening here.  The Flash and Green Arrow are both interesting characters and it would probably be better for both of them if they can develop in their own shows.  To be fair, the producers have done a pretty good with Arrow so far and they really haven’t given me any to think that they won’t do the same for The Flash but I guess we’ll just wait and see.

Source: Slashfilm